5 Top Tips for Feeling Confident On The Beach

If you’re not confident in your body then holiday season can seem daunting but we think everyone deserves to feel fantastic when they’re on holiday, so we’re going to be sharing 5 simple top tips for feeling more confident this summer:

  1. Choose the Right Swimwear for You

You’re most likely to be sporting swimwear on the beach and the best way to feel your most confident in it is to pick the style that is right for you.

There are so many different styles of swimwear for women and we’ve done a whole guide on finding your perfect swimsuit, so take a look at that to understand the different styles and see which one is likely to flatter your figure the most.

An ill-fitting swimsuit can totally knock your self-esteem, so spend some time before you head off on holiday trying on different swimwear and see what works for you!

  1. Pick a Cover Up You Love

If you feel confident enough to strut from your sunbed to the bar or shop in just your swimsuit then go for it but if you’re going to be relying on a cover up for a confidence boost this summer, make sure you pick one you love!

Cover ups don’t have to just be the classic kaftan, they can include beach trousers, oversized shirts, shorts and all sorts of different options. So whether you want to look comfy or glamorous, there are beach cover ups to suit all sizes and styles and they don’t have to break the bank either.

Hayley Hasselhoff did a great segment on a recent episode of ITV’s This Morning about the latest trends in cover ups, so that may be worth a watch if you’re currently exploring your options.

  1. Make an Effort With Your Hair

When it comes to heading to the pool or the beach, most women will just scrape their hair up in a messy style to get it out the way or throw a hat on and not really give it much thought. If you’re trying to boost your confidence as much as possible, making an effort with your hair could make all the difference.

Swap the messy bun for a braided look, or, if you’re happy to have your hair down, why not quickly throw the curlers through it for some loose waves. Either style works great with a floppy hat to keep you shaded but is bound to frame your face more flatteringly and therefore make you feel far better presented.

  1. The No Makeup Beauty Treatments That Make All The Difference

Wearing makeup at the beach is just an unrealistic prospect for most women and we don’t blame you! Blocking your pores with foundation and concealer when you’re going to be getting hot and sweaty is a recipe for a breakout, so that’s where the ‘wake up, no makeup’ beauty treatments step in.

It may be an extra expense before you jet off but we guarantee that a couple of hours in the salon before you head away will make all the difference to your confidence by the pool.

A brow shape and tint with a set of individual eyelash extensions gives the appearance that you’re already wearing makeup, so when paired with a little moisturiser or facial SPF and lip balm before you head to the pool, you look perfectly made up.

If you’re happy with your hair and face then you’re bound to feel 10 x better about your body too.

  1. Turn Your Phone Off!

You’re probably wondering what turning your phone off is going to do to help your confidence on your holidays but there’s nothing worse for your body positivity than comparing yourself to others on social media, so once you’re at the beach, just turn your phone off.

You’re likely to be surrounded by your nearest and dearest, so if anyone else wants you, it can probably wait and by turning your phone off, you’ll enjoy the moment and stay off social media meaning you won’t be forcing yourself to look at airbrushed bodies, standing at the perfect angle which couldn’t make you feel less confident!

The key to feeling great at the beach is to believe in yourself but if you need a little boost, these tips will definitely help! Have you got any great advice for feeling great about your body on holiday? Share them with us!

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