Bodyline On Vacation – How to Take Your Plan Away With You

Calling all Bodyline members – the summer holidays are here!

Schools in the North West of England are now officially out for summer which means lots of you will have holidays booked in the next 6 weeks. But that doesn’t mean you have to let your diet slip just because you’re jetting off!

You can stick to the Bodyline way of life wherever in the world you are by remembering these simple tips and tricks for taking your plan on holiday:

  1. Have Enough of Your Prescription Supplement With You

Whether our team have recommended Phentermine, Diethylpropion, our SlimPen or even Phent H for your weight loss journey with us, if you’re heading out of the country for a week or two, make sure you have enough with you to last you the whole trip.

We suggest arranging a consultation at your usual clinic the week before you jet off so that you can speak to your nurse before you go away about getting a prescription to last you until you’re back, especially if you’re already getting low on your product of choice.

You don’t want to run out of your supplement when you’re away as this will massively hinder your weight loss progress, so be organised and make sure you have enough!

  1. Remember to Take Your Supplement As Required

It’s all well and good remembering to take a big enough stock of your prescription with you but if you forget to take your supplement as required, then your plan will start to have hindered results.

It is essential to keep up with taking your prescription product as required when you’re away as the Bodyline plan is a lifestyle choice rather than a diet and only works to full effect if you’re consistent, so taking a break could have an impact on your success once you’re home.

  1. Try and Eat Normally but Don’t Resist All Treats

Everyone knows that dieting on holiday is nearly impossible! Our advice is not to ruin your time away thinking about being perfectly healthy but just try and eat normally and have treats in moderation.

Being too strict on yourself can lead to binging when you can’t keep it up any longer which could be more detrimental to your diet than if you just ate normally and had a small treat occasionally.

We did a whole blog post on how to eat well at the all inclusive buffet  which has some great tips for sticking to a normal, balanced diet whilst still making the most of the all inclusive spread, so it is definitely worth the read to get some meal ideas in your head for when you’re away.

If you’re eating out a lot, salads with meats and fishes are always the best option for keeping things clean, but if you keep things relatively low calorie and low fat for breakfast and lunch, there’s no reason to not have something a little more indulgent for your evening meal.

Self-catering is undoubtedly your best option for eating a diet similar to the one you’d have at home and if you have the chance to cook for yourself when you’re away, try visiting local markets to buy fresh ingredients as these are likely to be the best quality.

  1. Stay Hydrated

It’s too easy to forget how important water is whilst on holiday, particularly when fizzy drinks, beer, wine and cocktails are available on-tap at no extra charge at the pool bar but staying properly hydrated, with plenty of water is essential.

Water is not only important for health but is a key part of weight loss too and if you’re drinking water, that means you’re not drinking other higher calorie drinks and therefore sticking to your weight loss plan better.

We recommend taking a water bottle away with you that you can fill up throughout the day to ensure you stick to the recommended daily water intake.

If you are planning to enjoy a tipple or two while you’re away (and why not) then our guide to drinking on a diet has some helpful advice for keeping the calories and sugar in your alcoholic drinks down!

  1. Try and Walk for at Least 30 Minutes a Day

Although exercise isn’t something we massively discuss as part of the Bodyline plan, with a bigger focus on medical products and diet, we do think daily exercise is beneficial to those trying to lose weight and to your general health.

It is recommended that every adult walks for at least 30 minutes a day and we think this is even more important on holiday. As we are all prone to eating and drinking more than usual when we’re away, ensuring we walk as much, if not a little more, than usual when we’re on holiday can balance things back out and keep us on track.

So, by following these easy tips, you can stick to the Bodyline way of life with ease wherever in the world you are and continue to enjoy the fantastic weight loss results we’re sure you’ve come to see and enjoy!

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