The M Word – 6 easy changes to combat menopause

Bodyline is welcoming more menopausal women into our clinics than ever before. Even if you’ve always been slim, the menopause can have dramatic effects, despite exercising just as much and eating exactly the same number of calories.

On International Women’s Day, we share a few nutritional guidelines for women above the age of 40 to ease their way through perimenopause and into menopause.

1. Water:

The benefit of drinking lots of water is endless! Sadly, aside from weight gain, the most common symptoms of menopause are vaginal dryness and dry skin. The decrease in oestrogen is to blame. Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water can help in keeping the skin moisturised and reduce the issues down below. It is also great at keeping down the bloating – as well as making you feel fuller for longer


Calcium is the go-to mineral for optimum bone health. Calcium is specifically important during menopause again because of the reduction in oestrogen levels. With less of this hormone being produced, it can speed up bone loss. Consumption of dairy products is more essential than ever for women in their menopausal stage. Ragi, chickpeas, eggs, milk, curd, cheese etc should be a part of your diet. Check out our Bodyline Breakfast Ideas for ways to pack in the calcium when you wake.

3.Vitamin D:  

Vitamin D is required by the body for adequate absorption of calcium. Vitamin D is synthesised in the body in the presence of sunlight. But as we know, the UK’s population is struggling to get enough. Other than adding food such as tuna, eggs and meat into your diet to boost your Vitamin D levels – you could always turn to a supplement. We only recently launched the Bodyline Vitamin D3 spray – a great way to get the essential ‘sunshine’ vitamin.

4.Fruits and veggies: 

Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Metabolism tends to slow down as you age. Consuming low-calorie, high fibre fruits and vegetables can prevent weight gain and also help you stay healthy. When you’re on a diet plan it can be hard to not get sick of the site of salad, but packing in your five-a-day can be easy if you make salads the Bodyline way.


Menopausal years are accompanied by low levels of iron. So, it’s recommended to eat more and more iron-rich foods during this age. So, why not tuck into beans and lentils, snack on cashews and start the day with fortified breakfast cereals. If you’re veggie, Tofu is a great choice too.


Omega 3 rich flaxseeds can be beneficial for women at their menopausal age. They are rich in fibre and can help in balancing estrogen levels along with keeping arteries healthy. Everyday Health is on hand to help us understand what flaxseeds are and how to get them easily into tour daily eating routine.

On this special day all about women, let’s pledge to make menopause easier and healthier for all the ladies out there!

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