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A Guide to Picking the Perfect Jeans for You.

20 Sep 2019 Bodyline Admin

No matter how good you are at styling yourself, jeans are notoriously difficult to buy. Do any of us really know what style and shape suits us best or are we all just guessing and hoping for the best? 

Although there are technically no rules when it comes to what jeans anyone can or can’t wear, there are definitely certain styles that flatter some body shapes more than others, so if you want to feel as confident as possible in your denim, picking your perfect style is essential.

To help every woman have a pair of jeans in her wardrobe she feels great in, we’re going to be sharing with you our ultimate guide to picking the perfect jeans to suit your shape!

Hourglass Shape 

If you’re considered a ‘perfect’ hourglass with an equally as wide bust and hips with a smaller, cinched in waist then you’re very lucky because most jeans will suit you. 

That ideal curvy shape is always great to show off in skinny or slim-fitting jeans but the smaller waist than hip shape can also be flattered with a looser leg jean as it will nip in at the waist, avoiding the jeans looking baggy. 

Pear Shape

If you find you’ve got wide hips and a bigger bottom, leading into a smaller waist and even narrower chest, something like a mom jean or a wide leg jean will give you better proportions than a skinnier fitting jean. 

As your body gets narrower from the hips up, you don’t want it to also look as though it gets narrower from the hips down, so by having looser, more relaxed fitting fabric on the leg that has a straight look, your body will naturally look more proportioned. 

Apple Shape

An apple shape is typically a woman who carries all of her weight around her middle, having narrower hips, legs and chest than she does middle. 

Similarly, with a pear shape, jeans for this body type are all about equalling out the proportions of the body, adding more width to other areas to even things out. Again, a straighter leg jean with a higher waist, such as a mom or boyfriend jean is perfect. 

This relaxed shape isn’t straight up and down but just loose all over, tapering in at the ankles and waistline, creating the illusion of a smaller waist and proportioned middle, hips, bottom and legs. 

Straight Shape

If you’re not the woman who was naturally blessed with curves, particularly around the middle then finding jeans that give you shape is an easy way to transform your body type in seconds.

A high waisted jean can naturally create a more curvaceous silhouette, creating the illusion of a cinched-in waist and therefore making the hips and chest look more pronounced, mimicking the hourglass shape. 

A skinny jean can also work well for straighter shapes as it shows off the shape you do have, whereas looser fits can have a drowning effect. 

So, whether you love your curves, aren’t so keen or don’t think you have any at all, there’s a perfect pair of jeans out there to suit you!

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