How to feel confident this summer: what to do and how to dress

How to feel confident this summer: what to do and how to dress

Summer is a time of skimpy clothes, sun tans and sweaty brows. As the sun shows itself for the next few months, holidays are beginning, jets are taking off and schools are shutting. Can anyone smell sun cream?

But when you’re feeling insecure about carrying a few too many pounds, the fun of summer can really escape you. Both men and women can struggle to cope with the heat, and when you’re hiding your body by wearing baggy clothes or staying indoors, you’ll miss out on the incredible adventures that summer has to offer.

That’s why, here at Bodyline, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to feeling more confident over the summer months. From the most helpful mental wellness tips to the most flattering outfits, we’ve got you covered.

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Feeling confident is directly correlated with your mental health, so if you want to feel confident this summer, it’s important to make sustainable changes to improve your wellbeing both physically and mentally.

  • Make sure to move

    Exercising is so important for our mental health, it directly improves our mood and self esteem both short term and long term. If you’re looking to feel more confident this summer, start with a daily walk and try to hit a goal of 10,000 steps a day. Being outside is also a factor in our mental wellbeing, so ensure you get enough time in nature.

  • Reduce stress

    Meditation, yoga, and me-time are all great ways to reduce the stress and anxiety in your life. Confidence comes from a positive state of mind, and it’s important to remember to put yourself first. Take the time to really imagine yourself at your most confident to remind yourself how it feels.

  • Eat nutritionally

    It’s all well and good exercising and meditating, but when you’re eating unhealthy food you are increasing your chances of depressive moods. Imagine yourself as an incredibly expensive sports car, you wouldn’t be feeding it any old fuel you found – you would be ensuring it is filled with the best quality fuel so it can run efficiently and without risk of breaking down.

  • Stop comparing!

    Have you ever heard the phrase ‘comparison is the thief of joy’? There can be no good from comparing yourself to others. They have a different life, different genes, and completely different hang-ups about themselves too! Try to focus on yourself only and keep your joy safe and secure.

Get your confidence back with style!

It’s important to remember that feeling confident on the outside starts on the inside. However, you should never underestimate the power of a flattering outfit on your mood. When you wear clothes that compliment your body, you radiate confidence and style – even if you don’t feel that way just yet!

An important tip for both men and women when dressing for any time of the year is to find clothes that you are comfortable in. We all know that feeling when we’re wearing shoes that cause us to blister, it completely ruins our mood and our day. Clothes are exactly the same. Choose shorts that don’t chafe, or a bra that doesn’t dig. Once you’ve mastered this basic rule, you’ll be sure to have happy days all throughout summer!

Styling for women

  • Avoid the baggy clothes that give you no shape and embrace your curves

    Try a wrap-around dress that cinches you in at the waist to accentuate an hourglass figure. Choose your favourite colour and you’ll be sure to feel confident.

  • Wear bras and underwear that actually fit

    There’s nothing worse than underwear that digs in and makes you look like you’re bulging over them. Did you know that 80% of women are actually wearing the wrong bra size? Avoid back pain and discomfort and find your size.

  • Find flattering swimsuits and coverups

    There are now hundreds of brands that sell plus-size friendly swim wear, made with larger body types in mind. Take some time to find styles you like and that make you feel confident. But if you aren’t there yet, don’t just cover up with a baggy t-shirt! Try a colourful beach coverup, perhaps a long chiffon dress, or a crochet kimono!

  • Accentuate your best feature

    Whether its your eyes, your hair, or your legs; look in the mirror and think about what you love about yourself, or what you get the most compliments on. If it’s your eyes, find clothes in colours that make them stand out. If it’s your hair, spend time making it as healthy as possible. If it’s your legs, choose skirts that show them off!

Styling for men

  • Choose clothes in your size

    There’s nothing worse than a shirt with gaping buttonholes, or so baggy you look like a child raiding your father’s wardrobe. Make sure you wear clothes that actually fit you, as this not only exudes class, but also improves your posture, making you look even more confident!

  • Pick the perfect fabric

    Try to avoid thin clothing that clings, or heavy fabric that makes you look bigger. Go for natural, durable fabrics like denim and cotton, and avoid synthetic materials which are more likely to be bad quality. Natural fabrics are also more breathable, so won’t leave you hot and bothered!

  • Choose bright but flattering colours

    Yes, black may be slimming, but it also absorbs heat, and can leave you sweating in the summer sun. Go for colours that suit your skin tone or bring out your eyes. Perhaps an icy blue t-shirt for a blue-eyed man, or a green short sleeved linen shirt for the olive-skinned man. Work out your seasonal colour palette here!

Read more tips on how to feel confident here.

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