Are These Trendy Health Foods Really Good For Us?

We’re living in a social media world nowadays where so many of us are grabbing a snap of our food for Instagram before we take our first bite which really does bring with it pros and cons. 

Food inspiration is more readily available than ever before but we’re also bombarded with empty health claims left, right and centre, every time we log on to our phones, so we’re going to set some of those straight. 

We’re going to be going through some of the most on-trend health foods making their debut online right now and give you all the facts on whether they’re really beneficial to your body or not!


From drinking it in hot water to blending it into a shot of juice, ginger has become a hero ingredient in the health food world but at one time, most of us just enjoyed it in the form a cake or biscuit!

Ginger actually does have a whole host of health benefits including helping digestion, reducing nausea and evening fighting colds and flu, so it could be worth adding to your diet. 

Ginger is also connected to easing the side effects of Osteoarthritis, lowering blood sugar levels, reducing menstrual pain and lowering cholesterol levels but if you want to add this ingredient into your diet, you don’t have to be as extreme as shotting it. 

Ginger can be used to make delicious marinades for meats such as chicken or added to casseroles and stews or as mentioned above, added to your bakes! 


The spice that is all of a sudden in EVERYTHING, turmeric has become the yellow spice that we’re seeing sprinkled on all of our dishes and even being added to our juices and smoothies but why is it so good for us?

Turmeric is said to be a natural anti-inflammatory as well as increasing the body’s ability to hold onto anti-oxidants. It is also linked to improving brain function, lowering the risk of heart disease and even preventing certain types of cancer, so it really could be worth adding a kick to your food now and again.

You can go all out and drink a turmeric shot but it may be more pleasant enjoyed in the form of a curry sauce or sprinkled on cauliflower. 


Kale crisps, kale salads, kale with omelettes, we see this curly leafy green all over our social media feeds and that is for a very good reason. Kale certainly isn’t a trendy health food fad, it is actually very good for you and boasts a whole raft of health benefits. 

As well as being one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can buy, kale is also an anti-oxidant, fantastic source of vitamin C and is even linked to lowering the risks of things such as cholesterol problems and heart diseases.

Kale is super easy to incorporate into your diet in salads, stir-fries and even curries!


One of the superfoods we spoke about in our Bodyline Blog, Quinoa is the popular gluten-free, high protein alternative to other carbohydrates that packs a real punch when it comes to health benefits. 

As well as being super high in fibre, magnesium, Vitamin B, iron and a whole host of other antioxidants, quinoa is linked to supporting healthy blood sugar levels and improving metabolic health! There are not many foods that pack in as many nutrients in a serving as quinoa and luckily, it is super easy to cook up into lots of different meals!

Acai Berries

The berry most of us had no idea existed until the social media craze, acai berries are best known for being blended up into smoothies and served in bowls with an array of colourful and beautifully placed toppings but are they a fad?

The answer is actually no! The online world is right to be going crazy about the acai berry because it promises a whole list of health benefits including being super nutrient-dense, packed with antioxidants as well as being linked to lowering cholesterol, boosting brain function and even having an anti-cancer effect. 

Acai berries are super easy to pop into a blender and make into a smoothie but you could easily enjoy them with some yoghurt, honey and granola for breakfast. 

So, there’s 5 on-trend, Instagram famous foods we’ve all seen plenty of and often wondered whether they’re actually of any benefit to us or not and in general, they are as good as social media makes out!

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