How to get into a weight loss routine that works

September is upon us, the season of crunchy leaves, first days back at school, and the return of normality. Though a carefree summer of sun and fun may be over, one benefit of September is the feeling of a consistent routine. Our holidays are over, and we have a chunk of time between now and the festive period.

So why not use this time to fall into the perfect weight loss routine? If you’re once again going to work regularly, taking the kids to and from school, or even heading back into the office after working remotely, these daily routines can be used to efficiently aid your weight loss journey.

But why use a routine?

Well, a weight loss routine can help you to lose the weight healthily and consistently. When you have an idea of what each day looks like in terms of food, activity levels, and jobs to be done, the weight can drop off easily. Consistency is key to successful weight loss, and the best way to be consistent is through a routine that ensures you remain in a caloric deficit.

Science shows that seeking to lose weight over a relatively substantial period of time by changing your lifestyle is the most sustainable way to shed the pounds, and can ensure you keep the weight off as you build wellness-oriented habits.

If you have struggled in the past to stick to weight loss plans or diets, you might want to consider a medical weight loss programme supported by Bodyline Clinics. We offer personalised plans that are guaranteed to see you lose up to a stone in the first month. Over 100,000 have reached their weight loss goals with the help of our appetite suppressants, prescribed by our team of experienced nurses and doctors.

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How to build the ideal weight loss routine?

  • Build healthy habits
    Drinking 2-3litres of water a day is a tough ask if you’re not used to it, but by building lots of little healthy habits like that you can curate a daily routine that can help you to lose weight. When you have the urge to snack, have a drink of water or a herbal tea; our bodies can easily mistake thirst for hunger.
  • Know when you’ll be eating
    Have set times for all of your meals. A filling 7:45am breakfast to keep you satisfied until your healthy 12:30pm lunch, followed by a small 3pm snack before a 6pm dinner, for instance. Knowing when you will be eating can help you avoid snacking and eating excess calories, and is proven to aid weight loss.
  • Exercise schedules
    Once you know the general layout of your days, you can find a time to exercise and move more that works for you and your lifestyle. Whether it’s walking to and from work to get the steps in, or getting up an extra hour earlier to get in a swim, fit in your daily workout around your schedule and it won’t seem like such a huge effort. After a while, it’ll become second nature!
    Finding time to walk more is actually a surefire way to succeed in your weight loss journey, in fact if you were to just walk 10,000 steps a day you would lose around a pound a week!
  • Go for the easy routes
    It’s much easier to stick to a weight loss plan when your routine is a change that fits around your lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be difficult – choose a gym close to work, or find easy healthy recipes. These changes will seem big at first, but bit by bit they will become second nature! Even adding just a few healthier habits to your daily routine can make a massive difference, eating a healthy filling breakfast and drinking more water for instance.
  • Focus on protein
    Protein is the best ingredient for sustainable dieting. It is filling, aids your metabolism, and allows you to burn more energy efficiently throughout the day. Prioritising protein in each meal is an easy change to your routine. Try this meal plan for a day, and just see how full you feel for minimal calories!

    • BreakfastHigh protein plain greek yoghurt, one banana chopped, a drizzle of honey, with some sunflower seeds and nutsLunch: Grilled peri chicken thigh with salad and couscous (easy to meal prep on a Sunday!)
    • Snack (if needed) – protein bar, protein shake, fruit and nuts, or nut bar
    • DinnerAsian teriyaki salmon, steamed vegetables, and rice
  • Supported plans
    Routines are easy to create, but to follow through on a healthy plan can be the most challenging part. Here at Bodyline we recognise the struggle of consistency, that’s why our nurses offer advice, support, and a helping hand along all of our clients’ journeys. Just read the success stories for yourself!

What to remember

At this time of year, you can curate your perfect weight loss routine to see solid results. By building healthy habits, having set times for meals and exercise, and being strong willed and motivated, you can smash your weight loss goals with a routine for weight loss!

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