Five Household Items That You Can Use In Your Workouts

Going to the gym can be really hard to fit into your daily routines, and it can be expensive – especially when you have a family to look after. More and more people are buying home exercise machines and working out from their living rooms, but if you can’t afford that then there are plenty of ways you can stay fit from the comfort of your own home.

Here are some examples of household objects that you can use for your workouts.



Why sponge out hundreds of pounds on a machine if you have real stairs at home? Running up and down the stairs for just 10 minutes can burn anything from 100 to 250 calories depending how vigorously you move. This is a great alternative to a run on a rainy day when you can’t face the conditions outside.


Detergent Jugs

Laundry detergent often comes with a convenient handle and can be quite a hefty weight when it’s full. These can be used as a substitute for dumbbells for your arm exercises. Other similar objects like tins, milk cartons and water bottles can be used in the same way when full – just make sure you don’t use any fizzy drink bottles!



If you’re thinking of investing in a weighted backpack, don’t bother. You probably have a backpack at home that you can simply fill with books or cans and take out on walks with you. Start off with short walks around the block and eventually you’ll be able to endure longer treks and hikes with your homemade weighted backpack.



A sturdy chair (without wheels) makes a great addition to your home workout routine to help perfect your squat technique and leg raises. For a bigger challenge, you could try introducing a second chair and practising tricep dips, but you must be certain that the chair will stay put – try getting your partner or kids to sit on the chair so it doesn’t move.



Small hand towels can be used under your feet on a smooth surface to increase the difficulty of knee tucks, pikes and planks. They will slide under your body weight and you will have to work your abs twice as hard to hold a position. They can also be used as a resistance band to help you stretch and they’re good to have on hand to wipe off the sweat afterwards!


Let us know which household items you use for your home workouts in the comments below.

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