healthy packed lunch ideas

Healthy packed lunch ideas

A quick meal deal, a large sandwich, or a noodle pot. The most popular lunches to have midday are not the healthiest (or the cheapest) when you’re looking to lose weight.

Most ready-to-eat lunch options are filled with salt, sugar, and fat, and many are high in calories. A sandwich, packet of crisps and shop bought smoothie can add up to as much as 1100 calories; a lot for a lunch that won’t keep you full.

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That’s why here at Bodyline, we’ve curated a list of healthy packed lunch ideas that will fill you up to prevent you from snacking, save you some money, and keep you excited for a tasty lunch every day.

The most important thing to remember when looking to lose weight is to eat meals high in protein, high in vegetables, and low in simple carbohydrates. By losing white bread, pasta, and rice at lunch times, you can avoid cravings of sugary snacks later in the day. That’s because when we eat those simple carbohydrates, our blood sugar spikes significantly. This will lead to a dramatic drop in blood sugar levels, which then causes your body to crave sugar in order to bring it back up.

You want a lunch that can fill you up and give you energy for your entire afternoon!

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Meal Prep Lunch Ideas

Meal preparing for your lunches can really help your wallet, not just your waist. It’s been proven to help improve blood pressure and is even said to enhance your quality of life! If you can take the time on a Sunday evening to prepare for the week, you can be sure to feel healthy and prepared, without any stress in the mornings.

  • Homemade soup

    Whatever recipe you choose, homemade soup is always healthy, can fill you up, and it’s packed with vegetables. Try a chicken and vegetable soup for your lunch, paired with some fruit and a low-calorie packet of baked crisps.

  • Chicken and salad

    Grill seasoned chicken thighs and prepare a large salad of your favourite fresh vegetables. The salad should be topped with balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, salt, and pepper for a low fat but tasty dressing. The chicken will offer a great source of protein and can be seasoned differently for added variety.

  • Asian noodle soup

    Try the lunch that went viral for its healthy ingenuity. Put a nest of dry wholewheat vermicelli noodles in a box with vegetables like peppers, carrots, and spring onion, along with cooked chicken, some miso paste and seasoning. When you get to work, use the kettle to fill it with water and wait 3 minutes for noodles to cook.

Quick and Easy Packed Lunches

Grab these options in the morning for ease, and convenience while ensuring you’re within your calorie deficit.

  • Tuna lettuce wrap

    Tinned tuna mixed with canned sweetcorn and low-fat mayonnaise, topped with a little shredded cheddar can be wrapped in a romaine lettuce leaf instead of a tortilla. Tuna is low in calories but high in protein and you can make this in 10 minutes or less.

  • Use yesterday’s leftovers

    If you increase the ingredients in your evening meals, you will be preparing tomorrow’s lunch too! An easy lunch idea, easy on the pockets and easy in the mornings!

  • Falafel and hummus salad

    This Mediterranean lunch is tasty, and healthy. Stock the fridge with some preprepared falafel balls and low-fat hummus. In the mornings you can fill your lunchbox with salad, feta, and olives if you like them, and top with a tablespoon of hummus and a couple of falafel balls! Falafel is full of protein and fibre, and is perfect for a quick lunch!

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