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Healthy party foods for the Queen’s Jubilee.

1 Jun 2022 Sally Ann Turner

Planning a street party for the big Platinum Jubilee weekend? Wondering what party food you can make that will keep you in a calorie deficit and still working towards your goals? 

Don’t worry, Bodyline has got you covered with healthy party food ideas to impress your neighbours, satiate your children and keep you on track. 

Crudites and Homemade Tzatziki  

When making your Tzatziki, you can easily make it healthier by choosing low fat high protein yoghurt as the base. Chop some carrots, celery and pepper into long sticks and line them up around your plate or dish, putting a homemade Tzatziki in the centre. And there you have it, a lovely healthy snacking plate! 

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Opt for oven baked 

Swap the crisps for oven baked alternatives. They’re healthier, lower in saturated fats and a fraction of the calories!  

Sandwich Bites 

Who needs bread? You can still have the lovely sandwich fillings by chopping them into cubes and piercing them with a cocktail stick. Ham and cheese, cheese and onion, cucumber and cream cheese, it all works in mini bites!   


It’s not just for the cinema! Popcorn is a great party food when you’re watching your weight, it’s low calorie, tasty and versatile – you can make them savoury or sweet! 

Homemade flapjack  

Don’t miss out on sweet treats! Pack your flapjacks full of bulky seeds, nuts and dried fruits, proven to aid with weight loss, to fill you up for longer and help you avoid picking at other unhealthy foods.  

Fruit salad 

Your neighbours will thank you when they see you’ve prepared a fruit salad! Fruit can be so light and lifting when you’re surrounded by salty party foods. If you want to keep it fancy, add mango, nectarine, raspberries and passionfruit pulp to some skinless orange slices! 

Filo pastry sausage rolls 

Did you know one cocktail sausage roll can be around 190 calories? That means you only need to have 7 sausage rolls to be over our recommended daily calorie intake for weight loss. Why not make your own instead with low calorie alternative, filo pastry! A mini filo pastry sausage roll is only 64 calories – a third of the ones you buy at the supermarket!  

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