How Many Calories Are In Your Easter Treats?

Easter is just around the corner, and the supermarket shelves are stocked high with chocolate eggs and other calorific treats to tempt you as you do your weekly shop. Whilst they may be enticing, Easter eggs and other seasonal foods may not be the best things to throw into your trolley when you’re trying to lose weight. We’ve done a quick roundup of the calorie content of your favourite Easter treats as a reminder not to indulge too much if you want to stay on track for your weight loss goals.

Easter Eggs

No matter which egg you go for, it’s sure to be packed full of calories. A standard Cadbury’s Cream Egg Easter Egg comes in at a whopping 926 calories. The egg alone contains 530 calories, whilst the bag of mini cream eggs that comes with it is 396 calories. With the recommended daily intake for women being 2000 calories, this is almost half of your daily food intake for just one indulgence. It would take at least an hour and a half’s vigorous exercise to burn the same amount of calories off!

Hot Cross Buns

Full of white flour and covered in a sugary coating, there’s no good news when it comes to hot cross buns. Traditionally eaten on Good Friday, they are made using all of the dairy foods that are usually forbidden over Lent. Supermarket brands can contain up to 200 calories per bun, and some have as much salt in them as a pack of peanuts too!

Carrot Cake

The name suggests it’s healthy but carrot cake is quite the opposite, as it’s often full of sugar, cream and other sweet treats to enhance the flavours. Once slice of carrot cake with cream cheese icing can contain up to 300 calories! Partner that with custard, cream or icing and your dessert could be stacking up over a third of your recommended daily amount of calories.

Overall, it’s ok to enjoy a treat every now and then, especially over the Easter holidays. But try to do this in moderation, and consider the amount of exercise that you could be doing to make up for the extra calories if you’re really looking to lose weight. Try to pay attention to the packaging and suggested serving sizes to give you an idea of portioning, or look for healthier alternatives like fruit or grains that will give you that full feeling minus the extra calories.

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