How much weight can I lose before Christmas?

With only one month until the Christmas festivities, many people around the country are feeling the pressure to get fit and fight the fat before office parties, family reunions, and Christmas celebrations.

But did you know you could be losing up to a stone in just one month, just in time for Christmas? That’s right, we’ve helped 40,000 of our clients lose up to a stone in their first month through Bodyline’s fully supported medical weight loss programmes tailored to each person’s lifestyle, medical history, and weight loss goals!

Just see the fantastic success stories for yourself.

We’re proven to work! Over 15 years, Bodyline’s medical weight loss programmes have provided safe, fast, effective and affordable services. Our friendly team of doctors and nurses aid your weight loss and support you with motivation and advice.

There are plenty of reasons why medical weight loss may be the right choice for you. Weight loss is not black and white, and there are plenty of obstacles in the way of losing weight for many people. The ability to lose weight can be impacted by genetics, hormones, and metabolism – each preventing simple changes like eating less and moving more from being as effective as we’d like.

Did you know, the average person is likely to attempt at least two fad diets a year, and will generally abandon them after only six days. That computes to 126 failed fad diets in an average lifetime! Join the community that have broken this cycle, and choose a sustainable, efficient, and guaranteed way to lose weight through Bodyline. Our programmes will keep you going much longer than six days!

While embarking on your medical weight loss programme with Bodyline, your appetite will decrease using our appetite suppressant medication, allowing you to stick to a calorie deficit pain-free. However, you can see the best results when following these three rules during your medical weight loss journey:

  1. Drink 2-3 litres of cold water a day!
    Drinking water can seriously help you along your weight loss goals. Studies have shown that the fat burning processes improve as you increase your daily water intake. That means that as you drink more water, your body is better able to burn the fat in your body for energy, thus helping you lose weight! Just another reason that water can help with weight loss!

    If you need help hitting this target, why not purchase a Christmas-themed water bottle to help motivate and remind you of your festive goals? That way you can lose weight before Christmas.

  2. Get moving for an hour every day.
    Walking around the Christmas Markets, going on wintery adventures, or simply going to the gym can be great ways to move every day. Every little helps as you look to lose weight before Christmas, so by getting those healthy habits in of regular movement you can smash those festive weight loss goals!

  3. Eat more protein!
    Chicken, Greek yoghurt, eggs are foods that are easily incorporated and incredibly healthy as part of a weight loss diet. Eating foods high in protein can help fill us up for longer and curb cravings or snacking. In particular, starting your day with protein can set you up for success, so why not try a Christmassy high protein breakfast of Greek yoghurt mixed with chocolate protein powder and dried fruits for an Xmas pudding inspired weight loss!

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