What is the best injection for weight loss available in the UK?

Diet and exercise alone may not be enough for effective weight loss. Metabolism, body type and genetics can be obstacles to success for many people when they begin making healthy changes. But if your BMI shows you are obese, it may be of the upmost importance to lose that weight.

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This is why many people investigate a medical weight loss route! Being prescribed appetite suppression medication, patients often see incredibly positive results! Here at Bodyline, our clinical team constantly review medical weight loss medications ensuring that we offer the most safe and effective options whilst providing options for a range of medical histories.

One route that is very effective and popular, both here and in the U.S., is weight loss injections. But what is the best weight loss injection available in the UK?

What is the best injection for weight loss

The two most successful weight loss injections are Ozempic and Saxenda, and both are safetly prescribed here at Bodyline on our fully supported and bespoke medical weight loss programmes.

Start your medical weight loss journey today

Bodyline provides nurse-led support whilst using weight loss injections including clinical advice on dosing levels as well as lifestyle and nutrition advice to support long term healthy eating habits.

Keep reading for more information on Bodyline’s medical weight loss injections, the best available in the UK.


Ozempic is a once weekly semaglutide injection, that mimics a naturally occurring hormone known as GLP1. This is produced in the intestine after a meal and helps you to feel full more often, preventing you from overeating at mealtimes and going over a daily allotted caloric intake.

Ozempic also works on receptors in the brain which control appetite, resulting in less hunger and feeling full for longer while also helping to keep blood glucose levels steady.

Research has shown great success in the use of Ozempic, with one trial showing the average user dropped around 3 stone. Benefits also included the reduction of risks for heart disease and diabetes, as well as improvement in overall life quality.

Scientists have praised Ozempic, saying it’s a “gamechanger” in medical weight loss!

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Saxenda is a once-daily weight loss injection medicine containing the active drug Liraglutide. Here at Bodyline, Saxenda comes in a prefilled pen that we call the SlimPen.

It acts as a substitute for an appetite hormone in the body that responds to our digestion, regulating hunger levels and thus reducing appetite. It helps to regulate appetite therefore aiding in weight loss!

Studies have shown a significant improvement in both BMI and body weight in users of Saxenda, promoting lower levels of food intake and healthy lifestyle choices, with one study seeing the majority of trialling patients losing between 5-10% of their body weight.

Which weight loss injection is best for me?

At Bodyline, we consider your lifestyle, medical history, and general wellbeing before prescribing any of our medical weight loss programmes.

To find out which weight loss injection is best for you, get in touch with one of our weight loss specialists today by calling 0800 995 6036 or filling in our online contact form.

We can help you decide which weight loss injection could work best for you to align with your goals.

Remember, Bodyline works and Bodyline cares, that’s why we’ve helped more than 100,000 people reach their weight loss goals with our bespoke and personalised programmes guaranteed to see you lose up to a stone in the first month!

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