How to choose the right weight loss medications for you

Losing weight can be a minefield at the best of times. Conflicting information from all angles has been known to cause extreme fad dieting, yoyoing weight, and a bad relationship with food. However, none of this is any use if diet and exercise alone is not working to aid in natural weight loss. Such results usually stem from factors completely out of our control, such as hormone deficiencies, genetics, and metabolism.

That’s when people turn to weight loss medications to aid in a successful journey to a healthy, optimum weight. But what are the right weight loss medications for you, and how can you reach your goal weight with Bodyline’s weight loss medications?

How does the right weight loss medication work for you?

Bodyline Clinic’s weight loss medications work by suppressing your appetite targeting the part of the brain that sends out signals of hunger to the rest of the body. This ensures clients remain in a caloric deficit, burning fat rather than food. Alongside our supported and personalised medical weight loss programmes, weight loss medications have seen incredible weight loss results for over 40,000 of our clients.

Bodyline Clinic provides a variety of weight loss medications for our clients that come in the form of pills and self-administered injections.  We can proudly guarantee results, safety, trustworthy medication sourcing, and fully supportive personalised programmes for each of our clients. We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the same regulatory body that looks at GP’s and hospitals across the UK. We provide confidence to all our clients that we only prescribe safe and effective weight loss pills.

How do I choose the right weight loss medication?

We are able to offer a variety of weight loss medications to our clients as not every weight loss medication is one and the same. Some do not work alongside pre-existing medical issues, some may lead to side effects that are not compatible with a user’s lifestyle, and others require the user to self-administer an injection.

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That is why it is paramount that you are advised which is the right weight loss medication through expert consultations. Luckily, with our comprehensive knowledge and experience on which weight loss medications lead to the best possible individual results, our personalised medical weight loss programmes will ensure all clients have the ability to reach their goal weight no matter what.

Our specialist nurses will take your medical history, lifestyle, and weight loss goals to titrate a bespoke plan to help you shift those stubborn pounds.

What weight loss medication can I choose?

In the form of a pill, here at Bodyline we offer Phentermine, Diethylpropion, or natural weight loss supplements. Neither Phentermine nor Diethylpropion are available over the counter, in order to take dieting pills, the medication must be prescribed by a registered clinician, safely and with full knowledge of medical history and lifestyle.

Other weight loss medications come in the form of a self-administered injection. Saxenda, our original Slimming Pen, is administered once daily, while our new ‘gamechanging’ Ozempic Slimming Pen is administered once weekly. Again, both weight loss medications require a prescription from a registered clinician who can take into account whether this medication is the right one for you.

If you’re thinking about using weight loss medications to finally get results, get in touch with Bodyline today to find out which is the right medication for you!

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