What does Ozempic do?

With so many celebrities, influencers, and everyday men and women seeing results on the ‘gamechanging’ Ozempic slimming injection, it’s no wonder people are talking about it. But what is it, and what does Ozempic do to help with weight loss?

What is the Ozempic injection?

Ozempic is the medication semaglutide, prescribed in the form of an injection that is self-administered by users once weekly. The semaglutide works by imitating a hormone that naturally occurs in most human bodies known as GLP1 (Glucagon–like- peptide-1).

GLP1 is formed in the intestine after one eats a meal, encouraging the feeling of satisfaction and a stomach full of food. This ensures the user will not overeat over the course of the week, and therefore significantly reduces the number of calories a person can eat.

Ozempic is such a game changing medical weight loss choice as it also works on the appetite centre in our central nervous system, blocking signals of hunger and cravings. This causes remarkably decreased hunger levels in users, leaving them feeling full for much longer after meals, while also helping to keep blood glucose levels steady and preventing snacking.

Why does Ozempic work so well?

Many different factors can impact a person’s ability to successfully lose weight through diet and exercise alone, including metabolism, genetics, and pre-existing health and hormonal conditions.

These factors can impact the ability for someone to reach a calorie deficit, which is vital for successful weight loss. That is why Ozempic is a great option for those struggling to remain in a calorie deficit.

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What does Ozempic do for weight loss?

Research on the efficiency of weight loss on Ozempic shows incredible results in body fat loss, with one clinical study seeing the average user lose 15.3kg – almost 3 stone. Studies show Ozempic results in a loss of 5-10% of the user’s body weight, and this can be achieved when used alongside a supportive, guided diet and exercise plan with Bodyline Clinic.

The support of experienced clinicians and nurses along a medical weight loss journey is incredibly beneficial in a person’s success with Ozempic. This popular weight loss injection is available from Bodyline, a CQC registered clinic.  Our programme will help you control cravings, improve habits and create a healthy relationship with food, seeing it as nourishment as opposed to a tool for binging.

We’ve helped thousands of people improve their health, happiness, and body image with medical weight loss programmes. Just read the testimonies for yourself!

Who uses Ozempic?

Originally, Ozempic was created to help those with type 2 diabetes alongside a diet and exercise plan. However, it is now a useful tool to aid in weight loss for those with BMI’s of over 30, allowing consistent and sustained weight loss to optimal health levels.

It has also said to have been used by several high-profile celebrities in their weight loss journey, and its results have gone viral all-over social media. One look on the video app TikTok shows 320 million results for the hashtag #Ozempic.

At Bodyline, our medical weight loss programmes are designed to aid in sustained, regular weight loss, to help clients reach their weight loss goals. We have over 15 years of experience and have helped more than 40,000 people reach their healthy goal weight thanks to our expert weight loss support.

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