How to Dress 10 Pounds Slimmer

Certain outfits can really make or break your confidence, whether it’s subconscious or not. Everyone’s got those items in their wardrobe that they wouldn’t dare wear out of the house and other outfits that they feel a million dollars in. That’s where styling really comes in handy!

If you’re having a day where you want to dress to impress or appear a little slimmer, we’ve put together some quick tips on what you should be gravitating towards.


Some people dread the thought of Spanx, but we promise you that investing in some good quality shapewear can make a huge difference to your self-confidence! They basically work by seamlessly distributing bulges and pulling you in at all the right places to create the ideal hourglass figure that everyone woman dreams of. And they are not just for older women. Shapewear is perfect for every-day use if you normally wear tight fitting clothing for work, or for special occasions when you want to wear a fitted dress or blouse to impress!

Length and Fit

Familiarising yourself with flattering lengths is the key to elongating your body and taking the attention away from problem areas like thighs. This means staying away from clothing like capri pants, khakis, long shorts or shapeless calf length skirts where the hem cuts off at the widest parts of your legs. Opting for ankle length, straight, dark jeans or trousers will elongate your legs, especially when paired with an ankle boot or heel, making you look taller and slimmer. Anything that cuts off at a slimmer part of your arms or legs will naturally draw the attention to that area and give the illusion that your whole limb is that width.

All Black Everything

You’ll hear it time and time again, but black clothes really do make the body appear slimmer than it is. It’s an age-old trick that will never go out of style, with your tailored black wardrobe staples being some of the most flattering items of clothing that you will ever own. Add a pop of colour with accessories to accentuate your best bits.

Vertical Stripes

The second oldest trick in the book is working with stripes to create body shapes and silhouettes. Horizontal stripes are generally hard to rock, and only great for those that want to add a bit of curve in certain areas for an hourglass illusion. If you want to appear slimmer, vertical stripes should be your new best friend. Nothing beats a good monochrome shirt tucked into some high waisted jeans or trousers, or a decent pair of tailored trousers with a delicate pinstripe pattern. 

Check Your Bra

About 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, which can have a huge impact on how your body appears. If a bra is too loose, it can often cause sagging breasts and result in poor posture, which can make you appear larger than you really are. Having a well-fitted bra will ensure that everything is held up in the right place and elongate your body. It can often make a big difference in how you hold yourself – and remember – confidence is key with this!

Fake Tan

Whether it’s a home job, tanning salon or a real tan, being bronzed can make a huge difference when it comes to looking slimmer. It makes your limbs look much more toned, and a light dusting of bronzer in all the right places on your face can have a very similar effect!

So, if you want to look leaner, remember to steer clear of your frumpy, oversized clothes, and don’t shy away from form fitted pieces that will hug you in at all the right places. It’s all about working with what you’ve got, and not hiding away behind layers that will only add volume!

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