10 reasons you shouldn’t give up on weight loss after gaining weight

That feeling. We all know it. It sits at the pit of our stomach that stays for a while. When you’ve stepped on the scale and it’s higher than you thought it would be, it’s a tough reality to face – especially when you’ve been actively trying to lose weight.

But we all know that the only way to get through that feeling is to pick yourself up, and keep going. If you’re struggling to stay motivated when you’ve fallen at a hurdle, then keep reading. You’re not alone, and Bodyline is here to keep you going!

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  1. It could be the time of year
    Did you know that September is the second worst month for weight gain? The colder weather, the relaxation after an active summer, and the generally busier time sees people gaining almost as much weight as the festive month of December! The time of year can have a real impact on our ability to stay on track to lose weight, so don’t be too hard on yourself and try to make it through this period.
  2. Weight loss isn’t linear
    Success isn’t necessarily constant weight loss as time goes by. Life happens, and small gains mean nothing in the grand scheme of things, particularly if the general pattern sees your weight decreasing on average!
  3. It could be water weight
    Water weight is the quickest weight to gain, but also the quickest weight to lose. When we eat too much salt, our body conserves water to dilute the sodium in our blood. That conserved or retained water can be shown on the scales, leading us to feel downtrodden. But as soon as you exercise again, drink some water to hydrate your body and negate the need to conserve it, or even get a better night’s sleep, this water weight can decrease.
  4. Muscle is denser than fat
    The reason you may be seeing a higher number on the scales could be due to stronger or bigger muscles from any exercise you are partaking in. A pound of muscle, while smaller in size than a pound of fat, still weighs the same.  So, if you’re gaining muscle quicker than you’re losing fat, that can contribute to weight gain. If this is the case, you are still getting healthier – just look at increasing your calorie deficit.
  5. You may have other achievements along your journey
    Weight isn’t the only indicator that you are getting healthier and succeeding on your journey. Measurements like waist circumference, body fat percentage, or clothes size are great ways to keep track of your successes and achievements. Don’t give up on weight loss if you’re gaining weight, focus on other wins along the way!
  6. There are options available if you aren’t seeing results
    If you’re consistently not seeing results, despite trying everything to lose weight, perhaps you ought to try medical weight loss programmes with Bodyline. We have 17 years of experience in guaranteed weight loss, and with over 100,000 happy clients, we can help you see consistent weight loss with the help of our bespoke and supportive plans. Many of our clients lose a stone in the first month! Call us on 0800 995 6036 to enquire about our programmes that work or fill in an online contact form for a call back.
  7. Lifestyle changes take time
    Weight loss comes from consistency in healthy lifestyle changes. But those changes can take time to become habit. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, but for some people it can take even longer for those healthy routines to become natural or easy. Try keeping track with a journal and push yourself to stay on course for longer than you have before.
  8. Health means wealth
    Reasons you should lose weight may be about health, focus on how your blood pressure may have improved, or your cholesterol having been lowered. While you may have gained a little in the short term, put it into perspective. If you’ve lost anything as someone who is overweight or obese, you’re still improving the health and quality of your life.
  9. We’re allowed to treat ourselves
    If you’ve gained a little weight after a long holiday, or a great party, try to put it into perspective. Your life is for living, not for eating rice cakes every single day. It’s best to remember that though you may have gained a little weight back, in the future when you look back, you won’t think of how much you weighed at the party or on the holiday – you’ll just remember the good times.
  10. If you gained weight quickly, you’ll lose it quickly
    Generally, water weight or not, if the scales have gone up quickly, they’ll go down just as fast. In fact, some healthcare professionals argue that weight quickly gained is the easiest weight to lose.

For more weight loss facts and advice, check out our wellness hub to read all about nutrition, exercise, and fully supported medical weight loss journeys.

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