How To Make The Most Of Your Mornings

The morning can be a very enjoyable and important part of your day. If you’re fed up of waking up feeling groggy, here are a few simple steps to help you jump out of bed earlier and make the most of your mornings.


Start Early

By setting your alarm just half an hour earlier, you can make the most out of your free time before the day starts. This means that you’ll have to prepare the night before and get an early night so that you feel fresher and more productive when you start your day.


Get To Know Your Triggers

Take some time to think about what tends to make your mornings run more smoothly. If you have a song that gets you motivated, why not play that when you wake up and have your clothes laid out on the side ready to put on as soon as you get up out of bed.


Imagine the Perfect Morning

It sounds silly but have a good think about what your perfect morning looks like. This will give you something to work towards, whether it’s a relaxed morning reading a book or going on a 30 minute jog. Visualising will help you can wake up with the intention of getting it done.



According to studies, people that exercise regularly live a healthier and happier life. Physical activity releases hormones in your body that make you feel happy, so why not try to integrate this into your morning ritual.


Plan Ahead

Make a plan of how your morning is going to run. Try to write down every detail and keep to a time schedule so that you have something to keep you on track. The sense of accomplishing this will keep you motivated and get your day off to a positive start.


Eat Well

It’s important to have good meal at the start of your day. Try to eat food that will keep you energised as well as healthy fruits and proteins.


If you stick to these suggestions, you can be sure that your mornings will start to feel more productive, and you’ll begin to wake up earlier without the need for an alarm.

Let us know what your top morning tips are in the comments below.


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