How to Stay Healthy in a Heatwave: Losing weight in Summer

Long hot summer days have finally arrived, and with them can come ice cream vans, BBQs, and ice-cold beers. But when you’re trying to stay healthy or eat in a calorie deficit, hot weather can either make you or break you.

Here at Bodyline, we’ve put together 10 top tips to help you be healthy and stay healthy in the hot summer weather.

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Whether you’re losing weight or want to make sure you don’t put any back on, these tips will ensure you can enjoy a happy, guilt free summer, on holiday or on a staycation!

  1. Stay hydrated!
    The most important tip for a heatwave and hot weather is to make sure you stay completely hydrated. We recommend 2 to 3 litres of cold water a day, but if you’re outside and sweating, you may need even more. This isn’t just beneficial for your overall health, it can also increase your capacity to burn calories by up to 30%!
  2. Reduce sun exposure mid-day
    The mid-day sun is the strongest, and its powerful rays won’t just lead to sunburn, but can also cause heatstroke if you’re not covering your head. Try to stick to the shade in the middle of the day to preserve your youth and ensure you don’t suffer.
  3. Go for salads
    Summer is the perfect time of year for fresh, tasty salads. Healthy salads will fill you full of nutrients and satisfy you in the hot weather. But beware, avoid high fat salad dressings so you’re not adding any hidden calories. Stick to a splash of balsamic vinegar with salt and pepper for all the flavour and a fraction of the calories.
  4. Avoid alcohol
    As tempting as it is, avoid alcohol where possible during a heatwave. Not only is it incredibly dehydrating, but it’s also calorie dense and can really hinder any weight loss goals.
  5. Eat little and often
    Though heat can often be an appetite suppressing factor, it is still important that we are earing enough. If you aim to lose weight sustainably, and don’t want to put weight back on as soon as you stop dieting, you must ensure you are still eating enough calories as not to negatively affect your metabolism. Eat small portions of high protein foods or vegetables every few hours.
  6. Make the most of the bright early mornings!
    Outdoor exercise at the hottest point in the day can be too much, but now the days are longer, make the most of the fresh and light early mornings and get your workout in then! Go for a morning run without feeling like you should still be in bed. Exercising first thing isn’t just good for your body, but it can also improve your mood for the entire day ahead!
  7. Drink hot green tea throughout the day
    I know, it sounds a bit counterintuitive to drink hot tea on a hot day, but studies show that a hot drink can decrease the amount of heat stored in your body and cause you to sweat it out. Plus, green tea includes an antioxidant that aids in weight loss, so you can cool down and lose weight!
  8. Prioritise a good night’s sleep
    Hot summer nights are not great for a solid 8 hours, so we recommend you invest in a good fan for your bedroom, or ensure a hotel has air conditioning, to keep you cool in bed. If you have bad, interrupted sleep regularly this can significantly impact any weight loss goals you have as it can lead to overeating to replace the energy you did not get from sleeping.
  9. Keep moving!
    You might be tempted to remain stationary in the garden or by a pool when the weather is hot, but do not underestimate the importance of outdoor physical exercise in the summer. Make the most of clear skies and go for long walks with friends or a run in the countryside. It will improve your mood, your overall cardiovascular health and your weight loss.
  10. Channel the Mediterranean lifestyle
    Around the Mediterranean Sea, countries like Greece, Italy and Croatia all have the right idea. Diets high in fruit, vegetables, healthy fats and grains are great for the heart and your health and can be great for weight loss. If they can manage in high heat, so can you!

For more tips about losing weight in summer, Bodyline can support you every step of your medical weight loss journey.

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