How To Succeed At Going Vegan

There are lots of benefits to adopting a plant-based diet, but many think of vegan food as being restrictive and bland. In reality, you can still enjoy most of the meals that you know and love – you just need to tweak the recipe!

Although it’s beneficial for your body to eat an abundance of green vegetables, they just won’t keep you fuelled, and you will feel hungry soon after mealtimes. It’s important to get clued up about healthy starches that you can add to meals that you enjoy eating.

Go Natural
Meat and dairy substitutes like Quorn may seem like a simple switch, but they may make you miss and crave your normal alternatives. Going as natural as possible allows you to be creative in the kitchen and stick to the healthiest possible vegan diet without being tempted by the taste of meat or dairy.

Meal Plans
It’s easier than ever to be a vegan on the go with all major supermarkets catering for both vegetarians and vegans alike in their meal deal sections. The trouble comes when you try to cook for yourself at home. With your normal meat-based staples out the window, it may be hard to find something in your cupboard to improvise with last minute. This is where meal planning can really help you stay on track. Make sure that your cupboards are always full for the week ahead and you should avoid slipping.

No Cheat Days
One chocolate bar or chicken nugget might be the beginning of the end of your vegan diet. Although it seems like nothing at the time, one may lead to another and then before you know it, you’ll be back to your old ways. By going “cold turkey” and committing whole-heartedly to being vegan, your cravings for other foods will soon go away and you will start to really enjoy eating fresh and healthy vegan food.


So, whether you just want to try it for a month or are thinking of making a permanent change to your lifestyle, we’re sure these tips will help you stay focused and motivate you!


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