Introducing Beth Armstrong

Beth has always had a passion for the great outdoors, fitness, health and wellbeing. Even before she qualified as a Personal Trainer with Premier Global in 2009, she would always take a keen interest in helping and supporting others at her local gym. She has always believed that training and fitness should be enjoyable, not hard work. Her approach is to be challenging but realistic which shines through in her style and method of teaching.

Beth has had a long and varied fitness career herself, having completed many marathons, including the London Marathon a staggering 6 times. Not content with pushing herself to the maximum with marathon running she took it a stage further and completed the Original Mountain Marathon or OMM as it’s known, in 2009. This took her over the Welsh hills overnight through all weathers, with no more than a few supplies and a small lightweight tent.

Beth believes that we can all do something however small to improve our fitness and she’s set up small running groups in her hometown of Wilmslow, encouraging those living nearby to put on their trainers and get some fresh air. She also teaches on a personal, one-to-one basis and has a number of clients for PT fitness work.

She also has a passion for cycling and recently completed her own challenge of cycling around Wales and is a member of her local cycling club. Beth is also a fully qualified yoga teacher and NLPMaster Practitioner which together with her PT fitness work, she believes gives her a holistic approach incorporating mind and body working in harmony. She believes that balance plays a critical role in our day to day life and without balance, nothing functions effectively or efficiently.

The modern world we live in is extremely busy and often presents us with many distractions that can easily encourage us to forget to prioritise our own health and wellbeing. Beth’s very excited to be Bodyline’s PT coach and her approach is to meet us wherever we are on our weight loss and fitness journey and find the movement that is right for us, helping us fit it into our busy schedules in a holistic and balanced way.

Through her videos and download’s Beth will guide us all to making exercise part of our daily routine.

Her main mantra is to keep things simple, keep on moving and smile every step of the way.

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