Introducing Suzanne @ Ignite Your Talent

Following a successful 20 year career with senior HR and leadership experience, Suzanne set up Ignite Your Talent Coaching to give clear, concise and credible support for real-life situations
and enable busy people to gain control, prioritise their lives and map out their future success. 

Suzanne aims to help you get to the heart of any challenge you may be facing and work with you so that you can overcome these difficulties and see a bright future.

Her coaching enables those who feel they may be ‘stuck’ or wanting to make changes to know what to do next.  She can help provide clarity and identify what needs to change, give focus, energy and confidence that you can get there and work with you to find a clear vision with structured action plans and outcomes to make the changes you want to. Added to this Suzanne aims to re-ignite the inner spark inside all of us, find our best self and avoid self-sabotage. 

As part of a weight-loss programme, Suzanne understands we can all be plagued with feelings of self-doubt, anxiety and sometimes a lack of direction if we plateau or get ourselves into a rut. Ultimately, Suzanne provides coaching and mentoring help for us to be the best version of ourselves. She has an ability to intuitively understand people and in her previous corporate life was given the nickname of the ‘People Ninja’ – which is a name she proudly associates with. 

Her aim, through her videos and downloadable worksheets, is to unlock the potential we all have within us and she does this with her down to earth, open, supportive and friendly approach.  She is very honest and has empathy but will challenge and push us to get to the heart of things and work together to unlock potential and drive success.  

Suzanne’s mantra is helping people to be themselves but better. 

Contact Ignite Your Talent  

07912 578473 


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