Losing Weight On A Budget

How to lose pounds from your waist and not your pocket: Six hacks for weight loss on a budget

As much as social media and magazines may lead you to believe, you don’t actually need an expensive gym membership or luxurious yoga pants to aid your weight loss journey. There are so many hacks that can help you slim down whilst saving money and most of them are extremely quick and easy tweaks to add to your everyday routine.

Cancel your gym membership

Let’s talk exercise. We recommend frequent exercise alongside your Bodyline plan, but there’s no need to kit yourself out in a Mr Motivator-style get up and sign up for the newest gym in town. Keep it simple with activities such as skipping or hula hooping – both are low-cost and effective ways to lose weight at home and can also be fun for all the family.

Let fitness gurus show you the ropes

 Another huge, free resource is YouTube – thousands of free exercise tutorials from yoga, to circuit to HIIT, there’s something for everyone. In addition, there are plenty of videos that showcase healthy recipes for weight loss on a budget, including what to buy from the supermarket, how to cook it and trips and tricks on cutting calories.

Think outside the box

You don’t need to have the latest spin bike or gym wear to work out at home; in fact, most household items can be used as weights such as tins of beans or bags of rice, it’s time to get creative! There are also lots of exercises that utilise the humble dining room chair such as incline push ups and seat taps, perfect for toning the body.

We’re going to need a bigger trolley

Buying your food in bulk can rapidly cut your spending. When planning your meals, take note of ingredients you can use across multiple dishes such as brown rice or a sack of potatoes – you can use baked, mashed or air-fried. When you think of frozen food it might bring up visions of potato smiles and turkey twizzlers, but frozen fruit and veg is a godsend when trying to lose weight. Not only does it minimise waste, but it allows you to incorporate vital nutrients and vitamins into your diet at a fraction of the cost.

Step away from the steak

We’ve heard the benefits to the planet when it comes to going meat-free, but what about the money-saving perks? Researchers found that cutting meat from our diets can help us save on average a whopping £209 per year. There are some great meat-free alternatives out there that can help you ease into a more plant-based diet, or why not go the whole hog and try out a vegetarian curry packed with chickpeas, spinach and lentils?

If it’s not on the list, give it a miss

Make a list before you go to the supermarket and stick to it – we’re often drawn in by end of aisle offers or enticed by multi-buys and it all adds up. Plan out your meals for the week and then see which ingredients you need, add in some snacks and drinks and you’ve got your essentials. Also, try not to fall into the age-old trap of shopping when you’re hungry, it will only lead to unnecessary purchases, hiking up your bill in the process.

Incorporating these tips and tricks into your life can have a great impact when combined in a way that suits you – meaning more money for the things you enjoy. New shoes anyone?

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