Our Top Three Positivity Planners

The perfect gift to give yourself or someone else in your life that you think needs a bit of motivation in their lives, positivity planners can become a staple part of your day if you really invest into the concept.

The idea is similar to a diary or any other kind of planner and they often double up as these too but the core features of a positivity planner are to help you set goals, practise mindfulness and assess what you do and don’t like about your life on that certain day.

Positivity planners are in the shops now, so here are a few of our favourites.

The Positive Planner

Vibrant on the outside, enriching on the inside, the Positive Planner is one of the original positivity planners, packing in all the must have features you could possibly want or need. The outside of your planner is a bright yellow colour which automatically cheers up a dark day.

From your regular organisational features to help you schedule your days and weeks, there’s also:

–          Mood trackers

–          Weekly reviews

–          Mindfulness activities

And much more!

Retailing for £23.00 at www.thepositiveplanners.com.

The Happiness Planner

Another best-selling brand is the Happiness Planner, a collection of different positivity planners, including 12-month and 100 day planners. They are available in soft back, spiral bound and leather back finishes in a selection of different colours.

The new 2020 planners are now available for pre-order and are set to be the best version of the Happiness Planner yet. As well as all the daily and weekly planning tools that you could need, the Happiness Planner helps you to set and track goals, monitor your growth, encourages mindfulness and has sleep trackers, meal plans and more handy day-to-day features.

Different Happiness Planners vary in price, but they are all available to shop at www.thehappinessplanner.com.

The Zelo Journal

The Zelo Journal has a neutral, classic design.  A luxury, slick black leather planner that comes in a stunning gift box with a tracking template to help you customise the pages of your journal, this would make a great present for all!

The Zelo Journal is simple to use and although it has less features than the above two in terms of mindfulness, it does have spaces for daily and weekly planning and a reflection page to help you set goals and think about something you want to achieve or something you’re grateful for.

You can use the habit tracker to add boxes to tick off on each day or week, such as keeping on track with calories or how much water you drink in a day, making it totally personalised to you.

You can get the Zelo Journal for £21.89 at www.thinkzelo.com.

So, looking for a planner or diary to give as a gift to yourself or someone else this Christmas? Why not make it an even better present by opting for a positivity planner instead.

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