set yourself a challenge

so my story goes like this I was a fitness instructor for 17 years I worked teaching group exercise classes in most of the gyms in Wirral I ran a massive campaign for the nhs tackling obesity I also worked in high schools teaching teenagers fitness two years ago my husband needed help in his company so I retired from fitness teaching the odd class to sitting at a desk being…. lazy the thought of motivation to exercise makes me knackered but my body feels chunky my belly feels wobbly and I’m getting dinner lady arms and about to turn 43 on Wednesday……. so I’m setting a little challenge starting tomorrow I’m going to try 28 days of 20 minute exercise as much health eating as possible ( I really love my food so I can only try ) I will share my exercise tips everyday for anyone wanting a little challenge…,. My diet aid is  phentermine my start weight is 11st 8 ………… so tomorrow I will post my workout sets and Wil each day for the next 28 days………

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