The 5 Kitchen Appliances You Need If You're On a Weight Loss Journey

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The 5 Kitchen Appliances You Need If You’re On a Weight Loss Journey.

9 Aug 2019 Sally Ann Turner

There are lots of tips, tricks and hacks that are rumoured to make weight loss a little easier, especially at the beginning. Some of these do genuinely work and others that are a little more questionable, but, if you ask us, a lot of weight loss success actually lies in your kitchen appliances.

Who knew that the gadgets you have in your kitchen cupboards could make so much difference to how well you manage to lose weight but we can guarantee that with the help of these 5 pieces of kitchen kit, your weight loss journey is likely to be a whole lot more successful!

Digital Scales

In our opinion, no one should ever enter a new diet or weight loss journey without a set of digital kitchen scales in their arsenal. These are about to become your best friend and probably provide you with a few home truths when it comes to portion size.

Weighing your food out is really important at the start of a diet and you’re trying to get into portioning your food out properly, particularly if you’re on a calorie-counting plan. A pair of digital kitchen scales will allow you to weigh all your foods and ingredients out more accurately than the old fashioned manual scales.

Digital scales often also have multiple different measurements to choose from, such as grams, pounds and ounces.

Blender/Smoothie Maker

There are two reasons a blender is a must-have for dieters and they are:

  • Smoothies and smoothie bowls can be a staple breakfast
  • Homemade sauces and soups are easiest made in a blender

A blender can cost as much or as little as you like but we highly recommend having one in your cupboard to help you start cooking things from scratch so that you always know exactly what you’re eating.

Smoothies and smoothie bowls can be made using all sorts of fruit and vegetables you have lying around in the fridge and can be made thin for drinking or thicker for topping with dry ingredients and eating with a bowl, depending what you fancy that morning.

Pasta sauces and soups are also likely to become favourite dishes in your repertoire and if you can make them yourself instead of buying, not only will you save money but you could swerve any added sugar, salt and fat. A lot of sauces and soups need blending once cooked to get the desired texture, so having a blender on hand will aid you massively.

Air Fryer

One of the more expensive purchases you can make for your kitchen, but also one of the most worthwhile, an air fryer provides you with the ability to fry foods such as chips, breaded chicken and breaded fish without all of the oil and fat and instead make naturally healthy and delicious dishes in under half an hour.

Most air fryers require just 1-2 teaspoons of oil, if any at all, and use the rapid circulation of air to cook the food and get it crispy, meaning you can make cheat meals taste delicious and keep them lower calorie than if you’d used traditional cooking methods.

There are also plenty of ‘Air Fryer Recipe Books’ available now with recipes using chicken breast, fish and more that are super healthy and packed with vegetables that can be made by just throwing all the ingredients into the fryer.


We’ve all seen vegetable pasta taking over the supermarket shelves, using vegetables such as courgette and carrot to mimic spaghetti, but these veggie alternatives to pasta are actually a great addition to your diet! Why pay extra for the pre-packed versions when you can buy a spiralizer and make them yourself?

More of an investment to start with but one that will soon pay off, you can get spiralizers at all different price points and then simply buy your vegetables and get making your very own carb-free spaghetti! Courgettes, carrots, butternut squash and sweet potatoes all work perfectly and this method of prepping can also be used with fruits for a fancy twist to your breakfast or snack.

George Foreman Food Grill

Known for being the king of the grills, a George Foreman is a must-have for any meat eater trying to lose weight! A great way of cooking meat and ensuring as much fat as possible has been removed. When you cook meat on a George Foreman grill, the fat runs off the grill plates and collects in a tray instead of soaking back into the meat during cooking as it does in a pan.

If you trim as much fat off the meat as possible before cooking, any excess will run out of the meat and off the grill during cooking, meaning your meat will be as lean as possible by the time it reaches your plate. You also don’t need extra oil for grilling meat in this way, once again making this a healthier way of cooking meat.

So, that’s our top five kitchen appliances that we think every dieter will benefit from buying, whether you’re at the start of your journey or further down the line, these gadgets are bound to revolutionise your cooking methods and your health!

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