The Top 3 Posture Tricks to Help You Appear Visibly Slimmer

There is no instant fix to make you thinner, there’s no fad diet or intense exercise regime that will make you drop weight in a day but there are tips and tricks you can use every day to help you appear visibly slimmer and a lot of them are to do with your posture.

Your posture is all about the way you hold yourself and as well as helping with body aches and pains, your posture also affects your appearance. There are a few tweaks you can make to the way you stand, sit and walk to make yourself appear a little on the thinner side, so here are our top 3 posture tricks:

  1. Make Sure Your Shoulders Are Dropped But Held Back

Holding your shoulders too close to your neck and head is often a sign of anxiety and without realising, this can be extremely painful but as well as causing you muscle strain, it also shortens the neck and often makes the face, neck and shoulders look like they’re carrying more weight than they actually are.

By dropping your shoulders, holding them slightly back and pushing the chest out slightly, it elongates the very top half of your body, making the neck look longer and more shapely and the shoulders look more toned.

  1. Stand Tall But Don’t Over Bend Your Back

Everyone knows one of the keys to good posture is standing tall but there’s often a temptation, especially in women, to over curve the spine, usually in an attempt to make the bottom look more pronounced but the downside to standing like this is that your stomach is also more likely to stick out.

If you want to appear slimmer from the front, you want to be standing tall, remembering how to hold your shoulders but ensuring your back is as straight as possible, avoiding curving it either way to keep the bottom and the stomach in proportion, neither of which will be stuck out.

  1. Keep Your Chin Slightly Raised

Double chins are something we’re all conscious of but it’s very easy to make your face look more tapered.

We often automatically sit with our chins dropped which naturally creates the appearance of a double chin if there is any excess skin or fat around the jaw but by simply raising your chin, you stretch the neck to create an elongated appearance, as well as avoiding a double chin – a super quick and simple way to look thinner and more sculpted!

  1. How To Pose For Pictures

When you think about how you stand, you can come across slimmer in both pictures and in real life. When it comes to posing for pictures and wanting to appear as slim as possible, don’t forget to place one hand on your waist with fingers facing your back as this will thin the arm as well as accentuate the waist. Standing with one leg in front of the other will also make both appear slimmer by creating a gap between them.

If you’ve got weight to lose then we’re here to help you physically reach the thinner size you desire but while you’re on your weight loss journey, these simple posture tricks are perfect for helping you look and feel better when you’re out and about!

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