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Three Life Coaching Apps You Need to Download.

18 Sep 2019 Bodyline Admin

We all need a little helping hand to get our lives in line from time to time. Whether that is help with goal setting, daily planning or keeping ourselves motivated, many of us often wish we had a life coach with us, on demand, to give us the boost we need, when we need it.We all need a little helping hand to get our lives in line from time to time. Whether that is help with goal setting, daily planning or keeping ourselves motivated, many of us often wish we had a life coach with us, on-demand, to give us the boost we need when we need it.

Although we can’t all live with a professional life coach, all of our BOD members now have access to one via this very forum but if you want to go one step further to help your days be as fulfilling and positive as possible, why not download a virtual life coach on your phone?

There are plenty of motivational and organisational apps available for download onto your smartphone and these are our top 3:


The ultimate app for life planning, goal setting and gaining new motivation, Remente has a number of features for both free and paid users, including:

Goal setting system 

Daily planning tool 

A life assessment tool 

A mood journal 

Library of courses and exercise on subjects such as self-appreciation, productivity, memory, relationships, mental health and even diet and exercise!

Remente is a modern, colourful looking app that is designed to be sleek and easy to use. By combining multiple tools that other varying planning and goal setting apps offer individually, this really can be seen as your go-to, all in one virtual life coach. 

The app does offer a premium subscription for £58.99 a year which offers additional features such as exclusive courses, the ability to create more extensive plans for the future, export data, view stats and even add a pin code to your app for extra privacy. 

Success Wizard

A free app that is designed to help you achieve success every day, Success Wizard has an abundance of planning and goal setting features that are designed to help you focus on what you really want to achieve. 

Success Wizard offers varying tools, including those that support setting and working towards long term goals where others are designed to help you create new habits and routines that will better your life.

When you sign up for Success Wizard, it walks you through a full life assessment where you’re asked to give details about your current situation such as relationships, work, health etc and also give an insight into how you wish to use the app and what you want to achieve. 

You can also share the goals and routines you’re creating on the Success Wizard app across multiple devices or with your friends and family, all from within the app.


Less focused on creating life goals and more about encouraging the development of healthy and beneficial routines and habits, Productive is a paid app that allows you to input daily, weekly or monthly habits that you do that can overtime help you create routines. 

From taking medicines to doing exercise, social activities to something you want to get into doing, you can input all the information about these activities into the productive app and receive reminders ahead of the occasion and see your schedule build up over time.

The app is a simple looking and easy to use interface with basic colours and usable icons, ideal for all ages and technological abilities. 

So, skip using social media for 10 minutes and try one of these life coach apps instead to see if they can make a difference to your organisation or motivation!

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