Weight Loss Treatments

At Bodyline, we understand how difficult it is to lose weight. Many of our patients have exhausted all dieting avenues before discovering our successful weight loss treatments.

Bodyline can offer an easier route to achievable results. Providing you with proven weight loss that works. Our range of diet pills and appetite suppressants will help to reduce your cravings and hunger, removing the everyday willpower struggles that all too often result in dieting failure.

Our weight loss programmes are led by a team of weight loss experts that include experienced Doctors and Nurses. They will design a personalised slimming programme to support your dieting goals.

The Bodyline Clinic are the only UK organisation to hold Home Office licences and CQC registration – resulting in safe and effective medical weight loss treatment.



Want to buy online?

Bodyline offer a range of wellness products that will provide additional support alongside our medically prescribed treatments, including our very own Vitamin B12 spray and Vitamin D supplements.

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Bodyline are aware of the many types of slimming medication available to buy online. However, we strongly advise that you do not purchase your medication in this way. 

Slimming medication should only be taken when you have the supervision and support of a qualified health care professional, whose expert knowledge and guidance are essential when prescribing medication that is suitable for you. Understanding the possible side effects of any medication is vital in facilitating safe and effective weight loss.

More than half of all the medication purchased online is fake.  The MHRA has seized nearly four million pounds worth of counterfeit weight loss medication in the last five years and is constantly warning us of the dangers of buying online.

Online medication gives you no guarantee that the products are genuine or safe for you to take.  We would strongly advise that you only purchase prescription medication from CQC registered clinics, which are strictly regulated.

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