About Diethylpropion

Diethylpropion, also known as Tenuate – is a well-known, safe and effective weight loss treatment, available in the form of a slimming pill.

It will help you to lose weight for good in an efficient and controlled environment, under the direct supervision of our qualified clinicians.

Our weight loss clinics have successfully treated over 10,000 clients with Diethylpropion.

This popular diet pill medication is only available on prescription in a CQC regulated clinic such a Bodyline.

Diethylpropion is a centrally-acting appetite suppressant that works in the appetite centre of the brain. It will encourage weight loss by decreasing your hunger levels and controlling common cravings for unhealthy foods. Diethylpropion is usually tolerated well with minimal side-effects.

Here at the Bodyline Clinic, your safety is our number one priority. That is why we are the only weight loss clinic in U.K to hold Home Office licences as well as CQC registration.

Available in capsule and tablet form in our clinics for £25 a week.

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Bodyline are aware of companies that offer controlled drugs that include diet pills to buy online. However, we strongly advise that you do not purchase your medication in this way. 

More than half of all the medication purchased online is fake.  The MHRA has seized nearly four million pounds worth of counterfeit weight loss medication in the last five years and is constantly warning us of the dangers of buying online.

Online medication gives you no guarantee that the products are genuine or safe for you to take.  We would strongly advise that you only purchase prescription medication from CQC registered clinics, which are strictly regulated

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