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Bodyline's Slim Pen .

The New Weight Loss Injection

Bodyline would like to introduce the new miracle weight loss treatment that is taking the USA by storm.

Bodyline’s SlimPen, also known as Saxenda®, is a once-daily, self-injectable medicine that comes in a prefilled pen. This incredible weight loss treatment contains the prescription-only medication – Liraglutide. It offers effective and reliable weight loss by reducing hunger and controlling cravings.

From £130 per month.

But how?

Your body naturally produces an appetite hormone that helps to regulate your hunger levels. In overweight individuals, sometimes this hormone is much lower, making appetite regulation a constant battle.

SlimPen works precisely like this unique hormone, helping to regulate your appetite.

SlimPen, will help you keep to a calorie-controlled diet and finally meet those weight loss goals that you have always dreamed of achieving.

You can use the SlimPen at home or on the go, once daily, at any time that is convenient for you. The injectable pen is pre-filled, resulting in an easy to use and painless weight loss solution.

Bodyline offers a fully supported SlimPen programme, led by a team of experienced Doctors and Nurses. Our research shows that the regular support that our clinicians provide is the most effective approach to your weight loss journey.

Here at the Bodyline Clinic, your safety is our number one priority. That is why we are the only weight loss clinic in the UK to hold Home Office licences as well as CQC registration – resulting in safe and effective medical weight loss treatment.

Affordable plans for your weight loss journey

Whether you are receiving treatment from the comfort of your own home or looking to visit us at one of our clinics, we have a range of plans that will result in you feeling lighter, not your wallet. We regularly check our prices, so that we know we are providing the best value on the market.

from £25 per week*

Looking for a motivational short term kickstart to get you back in shape or to check that Bodyline works for you, our 1 month plan will get you moving in the right direction.

  • Need help to lose a little weight?
  • Full medical assessment and 1 month medication
  • In clinic or via video

  • *Plus one off charge for new customer starter kit and consultation fee

    Most popular

    from £33.75 per week*

    Our 3 month plan with all-inclusive pricing will support you on your journey Need to lose more to make a change to your lifestyle?

  • Fully supported personalised plan including regular support calls
  • Full medical assessment, 3 months medication and supplements
  • In clinic or via Video

  • *Plus one off charge for new customer starter kit and consultation fee

    Coming soon

    We’re always listening to our clients and looking for ways to further develop our plans in line with your needs. So, we’re excited to announce we’re working on a brand new personal plan – watch this space!


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