What does 800 calories a day look like?

The recommended daily intake of calories for women is 2000 calories a day, and 2500 for men. Here at Bodyline, our nurses recommend that you try to cut down to around 800 calories per day to support your weight-loss journey. Although our medication has appetite suppressing qualities that should make this transition easier, we’ve put together some information on how you can easily reduce your intake to 800 calories a day!

We’re don’t have to make huge changes to your daily life straight away. You can start off with small changes to how you eat and prepare food that will add up to your 800 calories throughout the day.

Using oil or butter to cook your meals for example can be swapped out for using alternatives such as Fry-Light or other low-calorie sprays. Just one tablespoon of butter or oil contains about 100 calories, whereas one spray of low-calorie cooking spray contains one calorie. You’re already a quarter of the way there if you change the way just by a small swap to how you prepare your lunch and dinner!

For many of us, grabbing a cup of coffee from your local café in the morning or on your lunch break is part of a normal daily routine. However, the hidden calories that you consume here are hard to ignore! One cup of cappuccino usually contains over 150 calories, whereas a standard black coffee has none, and you will save you some pennies in the long run too.

Fizzy drinks are another thing that you should try to avoid when cutting back on calories. Just one can of coke contains around 140 calories depending on the brand, so swapping this out for a glass of water will do you a big favour when it comes to watching your waistline.

Sometimes it can be hard to avoid snacking in between mealtimes, but there are lots of tasty low-calorie options you could switch to. Instead of going for a chocolate bar, with the likes of a Crunchie containing 186 calories, you can have a banana at just 90 calories, which contains better nutrients and will leave you feeling fuller and more energised.

It’s common sense but cutting down on your portion sizes will really help to reduce your calorie intake for the day. Using smaller plates, putting more low-calorie food like vegetables in your meals and drinking more water with your food will all contribute in helping you feel satisfied whilst eating less.


Although it may seem daunting at first, if you follow these simple tips, you’re sure to start noticing a difference in your weight-loss journey. Let us know what you do to keep a calorie-controlled diet in the comments below!

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