Why Fad Diets Don’t Work 

The 5:2 diet, Ketogenic, Paleo or Dukan, fad diets have been springing up here there any everywhere in recent years. With celebrity endorsement often a key factor, many people are easily convinced to give them a go in the hope they’ll lose weight fast. Although they may be effective for shedding pounds in the short term, fad diets won’t do you any favours in the long run. They often lead to problems with metabolism and serious weight gain when you start eating normally again.

Here’s some important reasons why you shouldn’t follow fad diets.

It’s the Wrong Type of Diet
Whether it’s for a holiday or a wedding, there’s no denying that a fad diet can help you shed some pounds quickly in the short run. But having a balanced diet and getting all the nutrients your body needs is still very important. Many of these diets urge you to stop eating certain food groups like starch and carbs, subjecting your body to a form of starvation. Not only does this often leave you feeling fatigued and tired, it can even lead to long term damage. Will only eating grapefruit help you to lose weight? Of course it will, but you would feel exhausted and your body would be gasping for other vital nutrients to help it function smoothly!

It Will Slow Metabolism Causing Weight Gain Afterwards
After your body has been starved of important nutrients from fad dieting, the metabolism gets slower which means that it can’t process food as fast as it used to. When these diets are over, many people experience fast weight gain and see that all their efforts are quickly undone.  This is because your body is absorbing everything that it can after being in “starvation mode”.
You may notice that a lot of celebrities weights tend to fluctuate, especially the ones that are vocal about fad dieting, and the celebrities that maintain a healthy slim figure are the ones that stick to a continuous eating plan and exercise often!

It Will Result in Muscle Loss
One of the worst parts of fad dieting is that eating habits are changed but exercise isn’t encouraged at all. Your body starts to use up the reserve of fat and muscle in order to get enough energy to keep going. However, building up your muscle by exercising along with a healthy eating plan can be much more efficient! Working on your muscles speeds up the body’s process of burning calories and can speed up your metabolism over a longer period of time.

Overall, our advice is that if a fad diet sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Here at Bodyline, our medication works on your appetite, and helps you to control your cravings for food by telling your brain that your stomach feels full. This should help you to cut back on calories as well as adapting to a more nutritional diet with regular exercise. It’s a one-way ticket to a slimmer and happier body!



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