Why Wearing The Right Bra Matters

There are many reasons why women wear bras and each one is just as important as the other. From altering your appearance and ensuring your clothes fit properly to improving your general health, your underwear has a huge impact on more aspects of your life than you might think. Here’s everything you need to know about wearing the right bra.

How do I know I’m in the right size?

You can check your bra size at home. Simply measure your band in inches, which is the area just beneath your breasts where your strap wraps around your body. Then, measure your bust size where your breasts are at their fullest. Subtract the band size from the bust size and this will give you your cup measurement. Every inch is equal to one cup size. Your bra fit will be your band and your cup size.

As you start to lose weight at Bodyline, it’s even more important that you pay attention to your bra and how it fits. It should be slightly tight (tighter than you might think at first) and hold you in at all the right places with no loose straps or gaping cups. It’s recommended that women get their bra fitted every six to twelve months to ensure that they’re in the right size and most places offer this service for free!

Why Wear a Bra?

Wearing a well fitted bra can do wonders for your body and your silhouette. Not only does it provide support for your breasts, back and shoulders, but it can really alter the way that you hold your body in general, improving both your posture and self-confidence.

For those who have bigger breasts, the right fitting bra will really make a difference to any pains that the weight of your bust could be causing.

The right bra also helps to keep your breasts in the right place whilst you get on with daily life – you may notice the pull of them more when not wearing a bra and this can cause discomfort and pain. Supporting your breasts properly while you a younger will mean they are less likely to sag as you get older.

It is important however to give your breasts a break and not to wear a bra 24/7. Sleeping without a bra is advised, not just for comfort but it helps to improve the blood flow at night and prevents irritation by just letting your breasts breathe. However, for those that prefer the feel of a bra while they sleep, wearing a non-wired and soft material or pyjamas with support built in for the night time is best.

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