Is the 80:20 Diet to Exercise Ratio Really the Key to Weight Loss Success?

Anyone who has ever seriously researched into the best way to lose weight has probably heard of the 80:20 diet to exercise ratio and will have probably read about how this is supposedly the key to success when it comes to losing weight. But, is this really the case?

The theory is that to lose weight, it’s 80% about eating properly and 20% about doing the right exercise. This makes clear that you can’t simply lose weight by exercise alone – diet is the most important part of the equation.

What is a Calorie Deficit?

Another weight loss term that’s on-trent in the weight loss world is ‘calorie deficit’ which is essentially where the body is consuming fewer calories than it is burning, leaving you in the negative by the end of the day.

No two individuals are the same with their natural daily calorie burn, as it all depends on lifestyle. Women typically can burn anywhere between 1600 and 2000+ calories a day, depending on how active their lifestyle is. So, to achieve a calorie deficit, you have to work out your daily calorie burn which can be done using a number of different methods, including online calculators.

The Truth Behind 80:20

There is some logic behind the 80:20 rule, however, how accurate those proportions really are is open for debate.

The general theory that diet is more important to weight loss than exercise is looking accurate.

This ratio basically accentuates that a good diet, combined with exercise will make weight loss possible. You can’t consume more calories than you burn and lose weight, it isn’t possible, but you also can’t really just eat very little and do no exercise because although you may be a lower or healthier weight, you won’t be fit.

Diet and exercise have to go hand in hand for not just effective weight loss, but a healthy lifestyle and the 80:20 theory doesn’t take into consideration that you may need a helping hand with losing weight, outside of just eating well and moving more.

If you have tried a number of weight loss methods and struggled to have any success or have a medical problem that makes losing weight more difficult, you may need the help of a third party product or treatment, alongside diet and exercise to help you achieve your goal.

Most weight loss methods, such as the medical supplements we prescribe at Bodyline clinic actually just help you achieve a calorie deficit where you may usually struggle. Appetite suppressants simply remove the feeling of hunger and cut cravings in a safe and controlled way, meaning you don’t have to rely on willpower to help you manage your calorie consumption, but just listen to your body and how hungry you actually are.

So, the 80:20 rule, is it accurate? The theory itself has truth behind it as we have seen but in terms of how reliable that exact ratio is, is questionable.

There’s no evidence that says it really is 80% about your diet and 20% about exercise, but getting both in balance and finding a method of weight loss that works for you is what you need.

If you want a little assistance with your calorie consumption and perfecting the diet side of your weight loss, get in touch with Bodyline Clinic today and allow us to help you on your journey.

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