A Guide to Wedding Weight Loss

Weddings can be a minefield for those who struggle with their weight and their confidence. With a photographer following us round, and ample alcohol, food, and unflattering bridesmaid dressings or tight suits, weddings can be a recipe for a disaster.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight to fit into the perfect outfit or have been embarking on a longer weight loss journey for the betterment of your health, this blog is for you. Bodyline has compiled the best tips and tricks for slimming down for a wedding, managing weddings on a weight loss journey and improving your overall confidence for wedding season.

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How do I lose weight for my wedding?

  • Avoid fad diets!
    Many brides and grooms are tempted to begin drastic fad diets to lose weight quickly for their wedding days, but this can be unhealthy and unsustainable. As soon as you start celebrating in the run up to the big day, the weight could pile back on.
  • Choose sustainable lifestyle changes
    If you want to lose weight effectively, you must make changes that can be sustained over a substantial period of time. This way, once the weight is lost, you are unlikely to put it back on.
  • Medical weight loss through Bodyline
    You can lose up to a stone a month using Bodyline’s medical weight loss programmes. Over 100,000 clients have seen significant weight loss. Just see the success stories for yourself! With personal support and guidance alongside a bespoke weight loss plan, you can be sure you will be slimming down for the big day.
  • Move more, eat less
    One of the key things we drive home to all our clients is eating less and moving more. Find recipes you love, and exercise you enjoy. Weight loss doesn’t have to be tortuous!
  • Remember your mental health as well as physical health
    One of most important parts of sustainable and assured weight loss is having a reliable support system around you, to keep you focussed on your goals. Bodyline Clinic offers constant support from trained clinical nurses with our medical weight loss programmes!

How do I feel more confident at a wedding?

  • Mental health matters
    It’s important to remember that confidence starts from within. Try to put your mental health first, prioritising regular exercise, meditation, and open conversations. Once these core needs have been met, confidence is easier to grasp.
  • Start the day with a work out
    Exercise increases endorphins, and in turn can significantly boost your mood and confidence. Starting your day this way will set you up for a great wedding!
  • Fake it til you make it
    It’s much easier said than done to improve your confidence, but many people attribute their self-esteem to acting. There’s even a science behind it!
  • Pick the perfect outfit
    Choose the dress or the suit that flatters your body type the most, in your favourite colour and your favourite style. When you’re happy with your outfit, it’s hard not to wear it with confidence!
  • Surround yourself with support
    Be with the people that make you confident, be that your friends, your family or just your plus one.

How do I stay on track when going to a wedding?

  • Celebrate with bubbly!
    Did you know a glass of champagne or prosecco is only 90 calories? All the more reason to celebrate! Swap the pints and the spirits for this low-calorie alternative.
  • Visit the buffet only once
    Buffets are tricky while trying to lose weight, and are ever so tempting. Try to go once and only once. Limit yourself to the best-looking items on the table but fill the rest of your plate with high fibre vegetables and high protein foods to keep you fuller for longer. That way you avoid mindlessly picking.
  • Get on the dance floor!
    Did you know you can burn around 300 calories an hour while dancing? Showcase your most embarrassing dad dancing to get active while at a wedding and you can even have a more memorable night!
  • Cure the hangover with eggs, not a fry up!
    Swap the greasy high fat English breakfast for high protein scrambled eggs and smoked salmon to cure your hangover, your body will thank you for it.

For more tips if you’re worried about your weight and feeling confident about attending a wedding, Bodyline cares, and we can be here for you every step of the way when you start your medical weight loss journey.

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