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How to lose weight in summer.

24 May 2022 Sally Ann Turner

Hot weather, the smell of sun cream, a BBQ on a Saturday afternoon… Summer really does invoke such fond memories and feelings.

But when you’re not feeling your best self, summer can be quite a daunting prospect. Especially when we’ve promised ourselves (often unrealistically) to be at our goal weight for the hot summer months. If you’re not feeling like you’re there yet, it’s understandable to be nervous.

Did you know, making healthy changes by exercising and eating better has a direct impact on your mental health and self-confidence? That means that if you start a weight loss journey now, by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly throughout the summer months, you can help to rid yourself of summer insecurity and enjoy the weather without worry!

The best way to lose weight effectively and efficiently is to eat in a calorie deficit and exercise regularly, but sometimes this can be difficult to do. Bodyline’s medical weight loss programmes help those with a BMI of over 27 to drop the weight quickly and sustainably, with support and guidance from experienced clinicians. You can join over 40,000 clients who have met their goals and lose weight this summer. It’s never too late to start!

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So here at Bodyline, we’ve put together our top tips for surviving summertime, making sure you stay on track for your weight loss goal to boost your confidence and mend your relationship with summer.

It’s BBQ weather!

We all love a BBQ, and it’s so easy to stay in a caloric deficit while enjoying the smoky meats and sides.

  • Swap the burger buns for a big romaine lettuce leaf to lose 250 calories from your meal!
  • Opt for BBQ kebabs with seasoned lean meat and lots of veg for high protein and fibre, filling you up for longer and preventing you from snacking on crisps and other nibbles.
  • Don’t just focus on meat – cook vegetables like peppers and corn on the cob on the BBQ too!

Say yes to the beach!

You don’t have to strip off if you’re not confident yet, but don’t skip the beach for that reason alone!

  • Make the most of weekends by going to the seaside for a stroll on the sand.
  • Get your steps in and soak up the British summertime with a long walk on the beach and promenades.
  • And if you fancy it, why not half the calories of a fish and chips meal by sharing with someone else.

Exercise outdoors

If you’re avoiding exercise because you don’t want to be locked in a sweaty gym on a hot day, why not move your movements outside?

  • Find local aerobics classes that take place in the park!
  • Make use of local outdoor pools. Did you know, cold water swimming is proven to better your mental health?
  • Hire a bike and cycle round a reservoir, it’s great exercise and can be fun for the whole family.

Picnicking in the park

Picnic food can have some hidden calories, so be mindful when buying preprepared snacks from supermarkets.

  • A few carrot and celery sticks with low fat dips can be a great alternative to crisps, and perfect for nibbling on throughout the day.
  • Pack in the protein by including hard boiled eggs, chicken, seeds and nuts.
  • A high protein diet can improve your metabolism, making it easier for your body to burn calories and therefore lose weight.

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Garden parties

Don’t say no to a party in the sun, get out your summer glad rags and enjoy the weather while it lasts.

  • While cocktails, beers and ciders are popular choices for many in summer, they are packed full of calories.
  • Choose healthier options like an 80-calorie prosecco or 115-calorie gin and slimline tonic to get a buzz but stay in a deficit.
  • To avoid mindless snacking on nibbles, keep your hands full as much as possible and make it harder for yourself to eat unhealthy foods.

If you’re planning to head abroad for your summer holidays, check out this blog to find out which countries have the healthiest cuisine!

For more tips if you’re worried about your weight and just not feeling you for summer, Bodyline cares, and we can be here for you every step of the way when you start your medical weight loss journey.

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