Avoiding Temptation When You’re Out 

Sticking to a well-balanced and calorie-controlled diet can be very hard, especially on special occasions, holidays and trips out with your family when all you want to do is treat yourself with things you love! 

Resisting the temptation of certain foods can be made much easier with our simple tips and tricks!  


Whether you’re doing some food shopping or out for some retail therapy, it’s normal to quickly start to run out of energy and crave a bit of food to keep you going. Preparation is key! Either eat a healthy meal before you head out or keep some healthy alternatives in your handbag so that you can snack on the go without gorging on lots of calories.   


They come around once a year, but birthdays can be one of the most over-indulgent times for many people, young and old! Your average slice of cake is an extremely calorific choice of food, with around 300 fatty calories, plus any extra icing that might be laden on top. Saying no to cake, or asking for a very small slice is one of the best things you can do for yourself, instead of saving a bigger piece for later – it doesn’t matter when you eat it, it’s still lots of extra calories that you could do without!  


Here at Bodyline, we recommend not drinking alcohol in conjunction with our prescription medications anyway, but knowing how many calories are in your alcoholic beverages could be that extra little kick to help you say no. A large 250ml glass of red wine contains up to 228 calories, and usually people don’t just have one!  

If you struggle not cradling a glass of vino in the evenings, try something different like a hot herbal tea or even a low-calorie hot chocolate. These will usually contain much less than 50 calories and will help you settle down better when you’re heading off to bed. Alcohol in fact makes sleep quality much worse, and although you may fall asleep faster after a couple of glasses, you will most likely have disrupted sleep and wake up feeling tired and groggy!  

Meeting Friends 

If your friends insist on meeting out for food or a quick coffee, try to be prepared and look ahead at the menu so you can work out what you are ordering in advance. Not only will this reduce the likelihood of you impulse ordering something high in calories, but it will make you feel much more relaxed when you head out. Most places have the calorie content readily available, or clearly indicate the healthier options on the menu so that you can make more informed choices, it just takes a little time to make this a habit when you’re out. 

In places like Starbucks they do offer healthy alternatives, but you will have to sometimes look a little harder. Starting your coffee order with the word “skinny” will automatically cut down your calorie intake by up to a third!   

Visiting Family and Friends 

When you visit someone’s house for food, it’s a whole different ball game as the control over what you eat is almost out of your hands. You can get around this by asking for smaller portions, and politely saying no to any calorie packed desserts that might be handed your way! If they get offended, explain that this is important for you to stick to and remind them that you are there to spend time with them. 

So, remember to be mindful and prepare for all sorts of eventualities before you leave the house, and by doing so, sticking to your calorie-controlled diet should be a piece of cake! 


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