How To Stay Motivated During The Pandemic 

COVID-19 has changed the lives of everyone on the planet! Anxiety levels are through the roof, routine is out of the window and there is a lot of uncertainty around when we could be coming out the other side.  

Being locked up inside can be tough, and sometimes it’s important to take time for your mental health in order to stop yourself from dipping to an all-time low. Here are a few of our top tips on how you can not only just survive but thrive in lockdown!   

Stick To Routine  

Staying as close as possible to your usual routine could help you feel like you have a real purpose when you wake up each day. Set an alarm, wake up and get changed like you would do if you had somewhere to go, even if it’s just your living room sofa. Make sure that you eat at normal times, which should help you on your weight-loss journey and take some time to do what you enjoy doing every day. 

Stay In Touch 

Lockdown is a lonely place for some and staying in touch with friends and loved ones can really benefit your mental health. With most people owning a smart phone, it couldn’t be easier to talk to your loved ones, and now more than ever is the time to reach out.  

Fresh Air 

The words “Stay Home” are resonating in the nationears but going outdoors and breathing in fresh air can have a profound effect on mental health. If you have a garden or balcony, try to spend a little time there each day, and leaving the house for a walk is even better, rain or shine! 

Vitamin D, which is produced by your body when you’re in the sun, helps to improve positivity, boosts mood and health levels, and once you start spending more time outdoors, you should notice a difference in your mood. Make sure that you have windows open wherever possible, and fresh smelling room sprays that will help make you smile if that’s the kind of thing that makes you happy. 

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Silver Linings 

Every cloud has a silver lining and thinking about the positives of situations can really help improve your mood and motivation at difficult times like this. Yes, you might not be going out and seeing friends for lunch every week like usual, but it’s great that you can save money and stick to a healthy diet by eating at home. Yes, you might be off work and getting bored at home, but how fabulous is it that you can finally redecorate your living room? 

We are slowly working our way out of a very long period of lockdown, and although it may be teetering on the edge of being back to square one, you can be sure that you will be able to handle the situation much better than the first time around.  

Think back to March before lockdown measures were in place and remind yourself of how well you’ve done so far so many months on!  

If you are still struggling with your motivation levels, talk to friends and family for advice – it’s likely that they feel the same way too. If you need further help, we suggest that you contact your doctor for more advice, and they will be able to offer the best service which is available to you.  





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