Bodyline Statement 18th May

Bodyline Is Reopening Its Doors

Bodyline, following the guidance of the government, is re-opening this Monday 18th May 2020 but like many other businesses, there is a ‘new normal’ for how we will service our wonderful clients.

When we open our doors, we will only be operating on one session per clinic for this first week, excluding our Shotton clinic which will remain closed, but Shotton clients can use our remote programme. This is to test-bed the process of opening before we return to usual clinic sessions on Tuesday 26th May 2020 across the eight clinics. The safety and wellbeing of our clients and staff is at the forefront of this staged approach.

When we reopen, we will be operating an appointment only service. We also want to reiterate that we can still only see current clients that have visited Bodyline in the last 12 months.

We would very much appreciate for the safety of our staff, that clients coming into clinic wear a face covering. And at this time, no children will be allowed in any Bodyline clinics.



How does it work?

All clients that are using our services at this time will only be prescribed one month’s worth of medication, whilst social distancing measures are in place. After this month’s prescription all clients that are using our Bodyline Flex service will need an appointment in their nearest Bodyline clinic for a review. In this review, all ‘Flex’ clients will be given and taught how to use a blood pressure machine. This will allow you to continue to use our services from the comfort of your own home for the next two months before another required review at 12 weeks.

What are the costs?

If you are a Bodyline client who has visited us in the last 12 months you can upgrade to this programme. Bodyline Flex is £100 per month plus the cost of postage which is £8.50. When you call the Bodyline team to book any appointment you will be asked to pay a deposit, this is £25, and this fee will be taken off your monthly medication cost.

If any current Bodyline client still wishes to use our in-clinic service you can do, this will continue at the current price but will now be by appointment only.

I am totally new to Bodyline can I join?

Not right now. We are working around the clock to try and see new clients as soon as possible. We are hoping to do so from Monday 1st June, and we will be announcing further details of what this plan will look like in the coming days.

What is Bodyline Flex?

We do want to make sure all clients are now aware of our new Bodyline Flex programme. For the first time Bodyline is enabling our clients to lose weight from the comfort of their own home and have the flexibility to visit clinics if they so wish. In this programme you can enjoy remote telephone consultations and your prescribed medications are delivered directly to your door. This means you only need to visit Bodyline clinics for your month and 12-week review appointment.

Due to Bodyline running an appointment-only basis in clinics, using the flexibility of remote prescribing will ensure you are seen quickly, your medications are delivered and there is no commute and no wait time.

Can I come into clinics?

With client safety at the heart of all we do, we are only operating an appointment only service right now. We are also asking those that are happy to do so, to opt for the ‘Flex’ programme and use our remote prescribing service to keep those attending our clinics in small numbers during these early stages of lockdown being eased. Bodyline will only be allowing three clients in the waiting area in any of its clinics at any one time, so the number of clients we can book in will be limited.

All of our staff will be adhering to all health and safety procedures by wearing the appropriate PPE, operating the 2 metre social distancing rule where possible and also adhering to NHS hygiene protocols.

How do I book?

We welcome all clients to get in touch with the Bodyline team on 0845 491 8750 as soon as possible to book their appointment.

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