How To Get Over The Post-Christmas Slump

When all the festivities of Christmas have finished, it’s easy to start feeling down. There are many ways that you can beat the blues, so here are our top tips on keeping your spirits high this January.


Plan Ahead

Getting back to the mundane routine of work is enough to get anyone down after Christmas. The best way of beating this is to get something planned so that you can look forward to it. Whether it’s planning a night out with friends or booking yourself a holiday, you can count down the days until you’ll be having some fun again.



Laughter has been proven to have an extremely positive effect on moods. As you laugh, you release endorphins that instantly raise spirits and boost your mood. Find a funny book, film or series that you can just sit back and enjoy for a couple of hours and you’ll be sure to feel a lot better!


Go Outside

Being active is one of the top ways of keeping your moods high. Not only will it help shift those extra pounds, but exercise releases endorphins that naturally make you feel happier. Fleur and Pete from Kite Adventures offer eco-therapy walking adventures suitable for all ages. Not only will this be something to look forward to, but this is great for your well-being and will allow you to enjoy experiences that you may not have considered trying before.


Eat Well

It may be tempting to bury your sorrows in a pile of unhealthy food, but having a healthy diet is actually more effective for boosting your mood. Omega 3 has been said to lift depression, as well as other foods containing B vitamins such as nuts, wholegrains and even marmite.


Acts of Kindness

It’s easy to get bogged down in your own feelings but putting someone else’s feelings before your own is a great way of cheering yourself up. From volunteer work, to just committing one act of kindness to a stranger, you’ll be distracted from your own feelings of self-pity and, after all, smiling is infectious!


So, whether it’s booking a holiday or helping your neighbour unpack their shopping, make sure you don’t get trapped in the post-Christmas slump this year!

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