What Vitamins Should You Be Supplementing?

With so many vitamin and mineral combos out there on the market, it’s hard to know which ones should be on your shelves. Here’s all the information you’ll need to help you decide which are worth taking with your breakfast in the mornings.


Vitamin D

Technically, vitamin D is best absorbed from being in the sun. It helps to increase bone strength and improves immunity, as well as increasing your overall health and well-being. With the nature of working 9 till 5 in an office with little sunlight, many of us don’t get the levels that we should do. Bodyline’s Vitamin D3 spray has been specially formulated by in-house pharmacists to support weight-loss and wellness alongside a healthy, well-balanced diet. The benefit of spraying this under the tongue is that it delivers a more concentrated solution into your body instead of being diluted in your digestive system.



This essential nutrient is best known for being beneficial to bone strength, energy levels and balancing blood sugar levels. Although a lot of people are magnesium deficient, it tends to be more about eating the right foods than taking supplements. Increasing your intake of foods like pumpkin, spinach, beans and nuts, you can eat your way out of deficiency.



Women in particular need to carefully consider the amount of calcium that they have in order to maintain healthy bones and a strong immune system. This can be done by increasing your consumption of calcium-rich foods like milk, yogurt and cheese, but if this is something that you’d prefer not to do then, of course, there are many supplements on the market that you can take to get your levels up again.



This is another essential part of your diet. Typically found in red meats, it helps increase energy levels, and promotes better brain function. Vegans or vegetarians should consider taking these multivitamins, especially if they’re not supplementing their red meat intake with other iron-rich foods. Your need for iron may also increase during your menstrual cycle or while pregnant, so taking tablets at these times will be beneficial for your energy levels.


Vitamin B12

Known for boosting energy levels and improving your immune system, vitamin B12 can be used alongside a healthy diet to aid weight-loss. It also supports healthier hair, skin and bones, as well as relieving symptoms of depression. Bodyline’s B12 Spray can be purchased for £12 in clinic and online, and can be used on the go whenever you need a little boost.


So, whether it’s changing your diet or stocking your shelves with the right products, you’ll feel healthy and happy well into 2020.

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