How To Make The Most of Every Day

Being in lockdown can easily make every day feel like a waste of time. You can’t do all the things that you would usually do to fill your time or plan to meet friends and family and instead you have to make do with what you’ve got at home. Quite quickly you can start to feel bogged down and unproductive.

We’ve put together some tips on how you can stay productive throughout the day and make the most out of your time when it comes to being at home.

Morning Routine

Waking up at a sensible time, getting dressed and having a hearty breakfast can make a real difference when it comes to maximising your productivity for the day. If you get changed and put yourself together first thing, then you’ve got the rest of the day to get things done, without having to put time aside for having a shower or putting your make-up on. It also makes a huge difference to your mindset when you’re dressed and ready for the day.

To Do Lists

Having an idea in your head about what needs to be done is great, but writing it down will help you stay on track. Make sure you actively work towards ticking things off your list as you go and you’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment. And it doesn’t have to be all jobs and hard work, even if your plan for the day is to just sit on your sofa and watch your favourite films, make sure that you commit to doing it and have fun!  You can still achieve some of your other goals while enjoying yourself, get some healthy snacks prepared before you get cosy and have a plan for a healthy meal to prepare in the evening when you’re done. Maybe even do a workout to do in between films? It sounds simple, but ticking tasks off your ‘list’ for the day will give you a real sense of satisfaction.


Set yourself goals that provide a balance between work and play. Doing at least one thing that excites you and then one thing that needs to be done, like painting a beautiful picture or learning to play an instrument followed by cleaning the bathroom. This will give you a feeling of enjoyment each day and limit the feeling of guilt for getting no chores done.

Unwind and Let Go

At the end of the day, it’s important to get settled and give yourself some down-time. Whether it’s just taking five minutes to cleanse your face and moisturise, or an hour to have a bath and exfoliate your skin with all your favourite products. Take time to just focus on yourself and detach from any outside stress that you may have. If writing is your kind of thing, having a journal that you jot down your thoughts in every few days can be a great way of reflecting on what’s going on around you, and planning out what needs to be done going forward. This can be done on paper or even just on the notes section your phone.

You’ll soon find that your routine begins to feel more productive when you start to plan out your days. And you can apply these skills to your work, school life, meal prep and every other aspect of your life! We also recommend a well- balanced diet along with regular exercise in order to help keep your mind and body healthy.

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