How to Wake Up Early and Feel Great

How often in a week do you get up on time with your alarm, take your time getting showered and ready and enjoy a breakfast that will leave you energised enough to start your day? If you’re reading this out of half-closed eyes with no idea how that feels, then keep reading to learn how you can make changes starting today.


STEP ONE: Change Your Attitude

Your subconscious mind is a very powerful thing. If you go to bed worrying if you’ll get enough sleep and expect to wake up feel groggy, the chances are that you will.

To change this attitude, you need to become more aware of these self-sabotaging thoughts, and actively try to change them to more positive ones. You’ll start to notice a difference over time as you begin to look forward to starting each day.


STEP TWO: The Mornings Starts at Night

One reason why a lot of us hate the mornings is that they always feel rushed and stressful. This is usually because we’ve not done our preparation and spend precious time in the mornings making decisions that we could have made the night before. By doing simple things like choosing your clothes, breakfast and packing your bag, you can save yourself a great deal of time and your morning will be completely stress free. You might even have enough time to do something that you enjoy before you start the day, which again will make you look forward to waking up.


STEP THREE: Don’t Touch the Snooze Button

The more you snooze, the more tired you’ll feel! It’s so tempting to hit snooze when your alarm goes off, but by falling back asleep for just five or ten minutes, just trust us that you’ll only feel worse when you get up. As soon as that alarm goes off, get up and start your day – you’ll never look back once you’re in this habit.


STEP FOUR: Be Consistent

The body is a sucker for routine, and once you start going to bed at the same time every night, you’ll start feeling more energised when you wake up. With consistent sleep each night, you might even start to wake up before your alarm goes off and will truly be looking forward to starting the day.


With these simple steps, you’re sure to change your ways, and you’ll soon forget that you ever hated the mornings in the first place!

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