Introducing Jo @ Bright Butterfly

Jo is a highly accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, advanced BWRTpractitionerand transformational coach who is a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, and holds the Professional Standards Authority accreditation.

Jo is Mum to her teenage daughter, Alice and ‘furbaby’ cocker spaniel.

Having spent over 20 years in Human Resources roles, Jo believes this grounding has helped her to understand the challenges we all face both personally and professionally. Personal development and growth have always been Jo’s passion. She has taken big leaps of faith, new directions and tried new challenges herself, the most daunting of which was launching Bright Butterfly.

Life’s challenges, health issues and traumas introduced Jo to hypnotherapy and coaching in the first instance. She learnt that she could let go of anxiety and negative emotions and could be healthy, confident and at ease with herself.

Jo set up Bright Butterfly Hypnotherapy to help others using therapeutic techniques and methodologies to stop negative patterns of thinking and feeling, and to help create the life you want to live. She chose the butterfly as her emblem as it brings joy and colour into our lives, teaching us not only that growth and transformation can occur gently and beautifully, but that change is also necessary.

She is able to help with a range of different issues such as overcoming habits, fears and phobias, life events or overwhelming emotions. She can also help with feelings of low self-confidence or low self-belief and addresses the issues at the root cause to enable lasting change and replacing them with feelings of calmness, confidence and control.

Jo understands that a weight-loss journey can be incredibly frustrating and sometimes we lose the motivation and willpower to continue and feel we can get ‘stuck’. With her help through her Podcast’s and downloads, Jo believes she can give us back the confidence to succeed and find our inner sparkle.

Jo’s mantra is to think better, feel better, live better.

Contact Bright Butterfly

07957 575377


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