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Introducing Your Nutritionists.

18 Sep 2019 Sally Ann Turner

Here at Bodyline, we’re proud to be well-known and trusted for the support, clinical expertise and encouragement we provide to our members through our network of clinics.

Alison and Sally are two of Bodyline’s talented Nurses who work from our Stockport, Wilmslow and Stoke clinics offering clinical support to those following our prescriptive weight-loss programme. They have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience from their nursing careers as well as being passionate about cooking from scratch at home to produce delicious and nutritious family meals.

They already provide expert weight-loss support to those visiting our Stockport, Wilmslow and Stoke clinics and now we will be bringing our own home-grown talent to B.O.D with their nutritional advice and support.

Alison and Sally completely understand the importance of a well-balanced diet and the impact it can have on your weight-loss success. They also know how difficult this can bein a busy household with a family to feed and little time to spend on food preparation.

With the help of our two Bodyline nutritional experts, you’ll find lots of amazing short cuts, tips and tricks, recipe ideas, meal plans, and ‘did you know’ facts to help you follow a healthy and nutritionally balanced lifestyle and ultimately achieve your Bodyline weight-loss goal.

Alison and Sally’s mantra is delicious can mean nutritious.

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