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We Need You – Name the New Bodyline Member’s Hub.

15 Jul 2019 Sally Ann Turner

Get ready for Bodyline online!

We’ve got some exciting news but need YOUR help.  We asked you to tell us what you love about Bodyline and what can we do better. We listened, and now, get ready for our brand new Bodyline online members support area!  It’s coming soon and we know you’re going to love it. 

Our members’ hub will be packed with all the things you love about Bodyline, plus some fantastic new feature areas including personal training tips, styling advice, life coaching and help with meal planning – we’re very excited and can’t wait for you to become part of our online community.

As with any new baby, ours needs a name so, here’s where we need your help!

Send us your name suggestions for our new online platform and there’s a chance to win an amazing prize for the winning entry –  we’re giving away a FREE 3 month plan* PLUS the chance to be the first member to appear on our new ‘Hall of Fame’.

You told us that you love the support, advice, understanding and encouragement from our clinics and groups, so we’re taking this a step further and will have a Bodyline online community area where you can get help and inspirational advice from Bodyline members in other clinics.

Not only this, we recognise that sometimes you may need advice and support when our clinics aren’t open, so our online community area will be open 24/7 giving you access whenever you need it – as long as you keep visiting clinic we’ll give you monthly access to the hub.

To help get you started on our naming competition we’ve had a couple of ideas:

How about a name such as…The Digital Hub?

Or a play on words to reflect our fantastic support such as… Digital Hug – ie 24-hour wraparound care and support?

We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions, so get your creative ideas flowing and you could win a 3 month plan* and be in on our new ‘Hall of Fame’.

Send your suggestions to us at [email protected]

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