S.M.A.R.T Resolutions

We all tend to set ourselves some resolutions to stick to as we go forward into the next year, although not as many of us see them through. Taking a more structured approach to creating your goals could be the answer, which is why we’re going to be introducing you all to the S.M.A.R.T concept today.

S.M.A.R.T is actually a business acronym, often used in marketing or sales teams to set achievable goals for different time periods. It breaks down into five different points to consider when setting your goals and can easily be adapted to your new year’s resolutions to make them far more successful.

S – Specific – We often fail at our goals as they’re too generic and therefore, unachievable. If we don’t nail down the specifics of our goals, how can we ever really say when we’ve completed them? You don’t just need a what but a who, when, where and why too!

M – Measurable – Adding numbers into your resolutions gives you clearer goals to work towards as you have a physical figure that will define success, but it also helps you track progress. For example, the goal is to lose one stone.

A – Attainable – We often set ourselves crazy goals that we’re not actually sure how to go about achieving, so the point of ensuring your goal is attainable is to eliminate any chance of failure from the start. Breaking your goal into steps or stages is all part of the process of making it feel and genuinely be more achievable.

R – Realistic – Just because something is attainable, doesn’t always mean it is realistic for YOU. Even though you may have put steps in place that can help you reach your goal, there will be other factors that could hinder you, such as time, health or finances. So, although you can find a way to achieve the goal in theory, it must be realistic and comfortable for you.

T – Timely – A lot of us work well with deadlines. Setting a target of when to get something done is one of the top tips for success. Don’t just say what you want to do but when you want to do it by, and even break your annual goal into monthly and weekly targets too, so you can celebrate mini victories as you go.

So, what S.M.A.R.T goals will you be setting yourself this new year?

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