What Are Probiotics and Why Do You Need Them?

We’ve all heard of probiotics but the majority of us don’t really know what they are or why we need them. So, welcome to today’s masterclass…

What Are Probiotics?

Most people are familiar with antibiotics, the medication taken for bacterial infections. But, when it comes to probiotics, we’re not so clued up.

Probiotics are often described as good or healthy bacteria that can help restore the gut, particularly after you’ve taken antibiotics, as these types of medications can remove all the bacteria from the gut – good and bad. Taking probiotics can restore the good bacteria in your stomach, improving your immune system and bettering your digestive system, as well as easing symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Other claims say that probiotics can even alleviate symptoms of eczema.

How Can You Take Probiotics?

The big difference between antibiotics and probiotics is that probiotics are not a form of medication. Although there may be some health benefits of taking probiotics, they are not medicinal and the majority of probiotics can be found in food.

The most common and potentially the easiest way to take probiotics is through specialist yoghurt drinks. These can be taken quickly in the morning alongside your breakfast to set you up for the day, contain very few calories and are generally very well tolerated.

Do You Need to Take Probiotics?

Technically anyone can take probiotics and shouldn’t witness any ill-effects as it’s not a prescribed medication.

However, if any of the following sounds like you, you are likely to be recommended probiotics by a GP:

–          Taking antibiotics or have just finished a course of antibiotics

–          Suffer from IBS or other digestive problems

–          Are struggling with constipation

Do you take probiotics? Let us know how you find them, which ones you use and why you choose to take them.

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