The Importance of Drinking Water When Losing Weight

We all know that drinking enough water a day is essential for health full stop. But, did you know that if you’re trying to lose weight, staying hydrated and drinking enough water plays a key part in how fast your weight will come off?

There are a few different reasons why simply drinking the daily recommended amount of water can help with weight loss but here are the main ones we think you really need to know about:

Being Hydrated Can Reduce Appetite

It’s been proven that there are a lot of occasions when you think you’re hungry but you’re actually thirsty, meaning you eat when you actually just need a glass of water.

Water is not a substitute for food but drinking a pint of water before a meal can make you feel fuller before you start eating, dramatically reducing how much you actually feel you can eat.

Substituting Other Drinks for Water Saves Calories

By making a conscious decision to substitute other drinks for water, not only will you stay better hydrated but you will also be able to reduce your calorie intake as water is naturally calorie-free.

By swapping juices, fizzy drinks and warm beverages such as tea and coffee with water, you will benefit from feeling more awake, are less likely to suffer from headaches and will have hugely reduced your calorie intake for the day.

Good Hydration Aids Fast Metabolism

There’s some evidence that suggests staying well hydrated by drinking enough water can increase your resting metabolism which is the rate at which your body uses calories when you’re not doing anything.

Other studies suggest that drinking the daily recommended amount of water can also speed up your metabolism when it is in action, so whether it is active or not, hydration is key to a good metabolic rate.

More Energy Leads to More Motivation

It is a well-known fact that hydration is key to energy. When we’re dehydrated through not drinking enough water, we often feel sluggish, suffer from headaches and generally feel slow and fatigued.

Feeling this way will dramatically reduce your energy levels and therefore your motivation to be active, so by keeping yourself well hydrated, you’re more likely to feel energised enough to take part in physical activities like going for a walk or run, heading to the gym or doing something else to burn the energy you’ve got.

So, is hydration really one of the key elements to weight loss? Potentially yes.

Successful weight loss is a package that contains a balanced diet, regular exercise, good hydration, a healthy and considered lifestyle and in some cases when all of that doesn’t quite give the desired effect or just isn’t working as it should, a little extra help can come in handy.

We’re the experts in weight loss here at Bodyline Clinic and have the perfect medical weight loss products that could be the missing ingredient in your recipe for weight loss success. If the usual methods just aren’t working for you, get in touch with the Bodyline team today and let’s talk about how we could help you reach your perfect shape and size.

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